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We are splitting Larry Power’s “Profiles” into individual documents and presenting them in this database. This will take many months to complete (started work in May 2024). In the interim the complete document may be access via the menu although it is so large it is slow to load (requires some patience to search for an exact player profile).

We are also adding new content including links to other lacrosse sites (including our own Hall of Fame and Museum) to make this a “start here” site for locating information on Legends and the stories and lore of lacrosse and the role of the game in the our heritage and culture.

The Bible Database

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wdt_ID wdt_created_by wdt_created_at wdt_last_edited_by wdt_last_edited_at Name Year Type Award Organization source Notes Attachment Image Details
1Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:30 PMBricoleur22/04/2024 01:10 PMGaylord Powelss2017Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
2Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:35 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:36 PMBill Isaacs2015Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
3Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:37 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:37 PMIke Hildebrand1985Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
4Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:39 PMBricoleur02/06/2024 12:04 AMJack Bionda1982Hall of FameCanada Sport Hall of FameEvery time he changed teams, that team went on to the
national championships.

Bionda was not just an asset to, but the driving force behind,
any team he played with
5Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:40 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:45 PMGeorge Beers1979Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
6Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:41 PMBricoleur02/06/2024 12:13 AMPatrick Lally (Joe)
Joe Lally
1965Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
7Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:42 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:45 PMWilliam Fitzgerald1961Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
8Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:44 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:44 PMJack Laviolette1960Hall of FameCanada Sports Hall of Fame
9Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:48 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:48 PMNew Westminster Salmonbellies 19682019Hall of FameBC Sports Hall of Fame
10Bricoleur19/04/2024 11:50 PMBricoleur19/04/2024 11:50 PMKevin Alexander2013Hall of FameBC Sports Hall of Fame