HONOURED INDUCTEES


Don "Whoopie" Arthurs   Brampton (59-69)
                      - Minto Cup Champion 1959
                      - Jr "A" Leading Scorer 1962
                      - Sr "A" Leading Scorer 1964

Frank "Tiorakwathe" Benedict  Akwesasne
                      - Team star for the Valleyfield, Quebec Semi-Pro team (1960's)
                      - numerous scoring records in the 50's for the St.Regis Indians and
                        the Niagara Falls Scobies Transports
                      - scoring champion for St.Regis Intermediate team

Jake Bomberry           Six Nations (55-69)
                      - 10th in scoring Intermediate "A" 1962
                      - 6th in scoring Senior "B" 1964
                      - Member President's Cup Champion 1967

Oliver "Cap" Bomberry   Six Nations
                      - President's Award Ontario Lacrosse
                      - General Manager Minto Cup 1992
                      - General Manager Mann Cup 1994-96

Stanley "Stu" Bomberry  Six Nations (35-45)
                      - Member Senior "A" Champions
                        (Northshore Indians 1936)
                      - member Canadian All-Stars
                      - member Hornell Bears Professional Champions

Bill Brunskill          Brampton (37-48)
                      - Senior "A" leading scorer 1944-45
                      - 2nd in scoring Senior "A" 1943
                      - 2nd team All-Star Senior "A" 1943
                      - 2nd team All-Star Senior "A" 1940

William Buckley         Hamilton
                      - Founder & President Hamilton Minor 1965-89
                      - Coach (All-Ages) 30 years
                      - Merv McKenzie Award 1977

Bill "Cas" Castator     Brampton (54-69)
                      - Jr "A" leading scorer 1956
                      - Sr "A" MVP 1960
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1966

Don Craggs              Brooklin (61-73)
                      - Member Detroit National Lacrosse League 1968
                      - 13 years Senior player (Brooklin)
                      - 8th in Senior "A" scoring 1965

Stan Cockerton          Oshawa (70-80)
                      - Jr "A" MVP 1975
                      - MVP and leading scorer World Field Lacrosse Championships 1978
                      - NCAA career all-time leading goal scorer

Carm Collins            Peterborough
                      - Eastern Canadian Senior Champion 1973
                      - Captain 1978 World Field Lacrosse Chaampions
                      - Captain National Lacrosse League Champion - Philadelphia Wings 1974

Travis Cook             Awkwesasne
                      - Leading scorer and All Star North American Lacrosse Association 1973
                      - Member Professional League Syracuse 1974, Quebec 1975
                      - Iroquois Cup Champion 1980

Kenneth "Weiner" Croft  St.Catharines (44-54)
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1944 (St.Catharines)
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1953 (Peterborough)
                      - 2nd in Senior Scoring 1953

John Crouchman          Etobicoke
                      - Referee, Coach, Executive Member 10 years (Etobicoke)
                      - OLA President (4 years)
                      - First Chair Hall of Fame and Museum Steering committee

Arakwente Curotte       Kahnawake
                      - Managed Indian Lacrosse Teams to play non Indians
                      - Coached many youngsters over years

Robert Curtis           Peterborough (53-64)
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1954 (Peterborough)
                      - 4th in Senior "A" scoring 1957
                      - 3rd in Senior "A" Scoring 1955

Derry Jack Davies       St.Catharines (53-65)
                      - Minto Cup Champion 1950
                      - Eastern Canadian Champions 1962, 1963
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1953, 55, 56

Barry Delisle           Kahnawake
                      - Played with Montreal Canadians Lacrosse Club
                      - Quiet unassuming athlete in splendid condition

Ira Dundas              Peterborough
                      - Member Senior teams 1938-47
                      - Senior B Champion 1947
                      - Top field player in Peterborough area pre World War II

Bill Foote              Mimico (67-69)
                      - Captain Minto Cup Champions 1970
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1977
                      - Member Pro League Champion 1974, 75

William "Whitey" Frick  St.Catharines
                      - coach and builder over 35 years
                      - St.Catharines Old Boy's Association 30 years
                      - Mayor's Award of Merit 1992

Judy "Punch" Garlow     Six Nations
                      - Goaltender Champion Buffalo Bowman's 1932 Professional
                      - Goaltender Champion Atlantic City American's 1933 (Professional)
                      - Winner Frank Cannon Award )MVP Buffalo Professional)

Angus "Taiostarate" George  Akwesasne
                      - Part of the Golden Era Trio that was a Dominant Lacrosse Force For over 20 years
                      - Member 1932 Iroquois National Team at the Los Angeles Olympics
                      - Street recently named in his honour called Angus George Memorial Drive

Ms. Joan Gostling       Wallaceburg
                      - Member Amnalgamation and Constitutional Committee uniting OLA and OMLA
                      - Executive member of Local and Provincial Level 19 years
                      - Lester B. Pearson Award Winner (Distinguished Leadership of Lacrosse)

John Grant              Peterborough
                      - MVP 1972 Minto Cup
                      - Mann Cup Champions 1973, 82, 84
                      - MVP Mann Cup 1974

Bob Hanna               Toronto (55-70)
                      - Merv McKenzie Trophy Winner (MVP) Senior "A" 1967
                      - Member Pro Lacrosse Detroit 1968
                      - Mann Cup Finalist 1964, 65, 67

George "Scoop" Hayes    Brampton (42-53)
                      - Mann Cup Champion 1942, 44, 47
                      - Member Eastern Canadian Champion 1943

Joe "Speedball" Hemlock  Kahnawake (30'S)
                       - Fast, durable player
                       - Joined Quebec Aces at Mid 1940's Mann Cup

Raymond "Wheels" Hill  - Member President's Cup Champion 1967
                       - Best Goalie Intermediate Level 1955
                       - Member Senior "B" Champions 1968

Phillip "Tiowirathi" Hopps Kahnawake
                     - Goaltender Cornwall Island Indians team in the 30's and 40's
                     - Ontario Senior Lacrosse Champion 1932 and 1934
                     - Said to have perfected the break-away pass

Lance Isaacs          Six Nations (25-37)
                    - Member Canadaian Intermediate Champions
                    - 3rd in Scoring Senior "A" 1935
                    - died July 23, 1937 during the second intermission of a game
                      between the Toronto Marlboros and the Brampton Excelsiors. He scored
                      the last goal of the game to give Toronto a 7-5 lead. The game was
                      called with the Excelsiors conceding the game to Toronto in Mr. Isaac's

Reverend Michael "Karhaiention" Jacobs       Akweseasne
                                           - Owner Cornwall Island Indians during the 30'S and St.Regis Indians during the
                                           - teams usually finished 1st in league standings in the 50'S was a great promoter
                                             of the game.

John "Teronhioton" Jacobs            Akwesasne
                                   - Member pro lacrosse team in Detroit 1934-35
                                   - Played for North Shore Indians in B.C. for 7 years
                                   - Received Plaque in 1977 recognizing his contributions to lacrosse.

Robert Jamieson                      Six Nations (30-50)
                                   - Member 1933 Hamilton Tigers Senior Champions
                                   - 2nd in scoring Senior "A" 1939
                                   - second team All-Star Senior "A" 1939 

John "Big Six" Jocks                 Kahnawake (1920)
                                   - thought of as Kahnawake's Athlete of the Century
                                   - Member Montreal Canadians Lacrosse Team with Lionel "Big Train" Conacher
                                   - All-Star Defender who later became a goalie

Jim "J.J." Johnston                  Peterborough (69-86)
                                   - Leading scorer Junior "A" 1972
                                   - Leading scorer Major 1981
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1978, 82, 84

Ross Jones                           Oshawa (64-76)
                                   - Minto Cup Champion 1964,65,66,67,68,69
                                   - Ken Ross Trophy Winner (Jr. "A" Sportsmanlike and Ability) 1967
                                   - Leading Scorer Jr. "A" 1968

Brian "Butch" Keegan                 Long Branch (61-78)
                                   - Ken Ross Trophy Winner (Jr. "A" Ability and Sportsmanship) 1962, 63
                                   - 4th in Jr. "A" Scoring 1962
                                   - 3rd in Senior "A" Scoring 1966

Joseph Logan Jr.                     Six Nations
                                   - Manufactured "Logan Special" Lacrosse Stick
                                   - His sticks were used by some of the game's greatest players

Frank "Geezil" Madsen                St.Catharines (35-47)
                                   - Ontario Jr. "A" Champion 1935-36
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1938,40,41,44,46

Clinton Isiah "Mick" Magee           Peterborough (35-51)
                                   - Senior "B" Lacrosse Champion 1947,48
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1951,52,53,54

Merv Marshall                        Oshawa/Brooklin (63-75)
                                   - Minto Cup Champion 1963,64,65,66,67,68
                                   - First All-Star Team Goalie 1967
                                   - MVP Minto Cup 1963

John "Gus" McCauley                  Brampton (59-67)
                                   - Minto Cup Champion 1959,61,63
                                   - 5th in Jr. "A" Scoring 1961
                                   - 6th in Jr. "A" Scoring 1960,63 

Robert "Buff" McCready               St.Catharines (60-75)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1971
                                   - MVP Mann Cup 1971
                                   - 608 Career Assists (as a GOALTENDER)

Lloyd "Mickey" McDonald              Mimico (35-51)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1942
                                   - Senior Eastern Champion 1947

Walter "Scotty" Martin               Six Nations (1920-39)
                                   - 2nd in Scoring International League with Toronto 1931
                                   - Member World Champion Atlantic City Americans 1932
                                   - third in scoring Senior "A" Hamilton 1939

Maynard "Hook" Martin                Six Nations (47-61)
                                   - Member N.A.L.A. Champions Buffalo Senior (47-49)
                                   - Member O.L.A> Champion Tuscarora Intermediate team
                                   - Senior All-Star team 1969

Ernie "Kaheranoron" Mitchell         Akwesasne
                                   - Starting goalie Montreal Pro team 1974-75
                                   - All-Star Nations Cup 1980

Frank "Tewesatene" Roundpoint        Akwesasne
                                   - Sponsored and coached Lacrosse Teams
                                   - Manufacturer of 97% of the World's Lacrosse Sticks at One point in time
                                   - Employed over 90 Families at his factory on Cornwall Island, Akwesasne

Ron Roy                              St.Catharines (57-75)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1960 (Port Credit)
                                   - 3rd in Senior "A" Scoring 1957
                                   - 2nd in Senior "A" Scoring 1959 

Ken Ruttan                           Peterborough (57-68)
                                   - Minto Cup Champion 1961 (Hastings)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1966 (Peterborough)
                                   - Bronze Medal World Field Lacrosse Championships 1967

Bob "Sandy" Sanderson                Brampton
                                   - Lacrosse Fund-Raiser 21 Years
                                   - Executive Manager and General Manager 21 years
                                   - Numerous Brampton Citizenship Awards

Ms. Helen Sawicki                    St.Catharines
                                   - Merv McKenzie Winner 1987 (Lacrosse Promotion and Dedication)
                                   - Executive Member (Minor_Junior_Field) 27 Years
                                   - St.Catharines Volunteer Award 1989

Russ Slater                          Owen Sound/Peterborough (46-57)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion 1950 (Owen Sound)
                                   - 5th in Senior "A" Scoring 1950

George "Chubbie" Smith               Six Nations (1935-45)
                                   - Member Hornell Bears Champions (1934 and 35)
                                   - Member North Shore Indians Western Senior "A" Champions
                                   - Leading Scorer 1934

Harry "Tonto" Smith                  Six Nations (30-40)
                                   - Member Hornell Bears 1935 Champions
                                   - 6th in Scoring in International Lacrosse League Pro Series

Hubert "Hubie" Smith                 Six Nations (33-41)
                                   - Top Scorer for Ohsweken Senior 1933
                                   - Mann Cup Finalist Twice
                                   - Member Ohswekedn O.L.A. Junior Champions

Roger "Buck" Smith                   Six Nations (50-65)
                                   - Mann Cup Champion with Peterborough 1952 and 53
                                   - Member President's Cup Champion Brantford 1967
                                   - MVP Award with Brantford 1967

Russell "Beef" Smith                Six Nations
                                  - Leading Scorer North Shore Indians 1936
                                  - Led his Team in Scoring Mann Cup 1936

Sydney "Porky - Young Deer" Smith - Six Nations (1920-37)
                                  - Member 1932 Champions Atlantic City
                                  - Player/Coach Hornell Bears 1936
                                  - Member Hornell - Twice State Champions

Bill Squires                        Six Nations (1963-79)
                                  - Mann Cup Champion 1968 Brooklin
                                  - President's Cup Champion Ohsweken '82
                                  - MVP President's Cup 1982

Jack Squires                       Six Nations (1935-1945)
                                 - Excellent Player with Hornell Bears, North Shore Indians and Atlantic City Americans
                                 - Scored 205 goals with North Shore Indians in 89 games

Jim Squires                        Six Nations (1959-70)
                                 - Member of Senior "B" Champions with Brantford 1964,67,68
                                 - Most Outstanding Player Brantford 1968

Louis "Tehonietaronwe" Sunday      Akwesasne
                                 - Quickest and Fastest of the Golden Era Trio (30'S and 40'S)
                                 - Played Lacrosse Up to Age 49
                                 - Louis and his teammates were invited to take part in the Movie in 1940 (Playing Lacrosse)

Angus "Tonihakeh" Thomas          Akwesasane
                                - One of the Golden Trio (30'S K 40'S)
                                - Represented Iroquois Nation at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics

David "Dawit" Thomas              Six Nations (1915-30)
                                - One of the first players to leave Six Nations and play in Hamilton
                                - Member Onondaga Royal Reds Canada Senior Lacrosse 1915
                                - Member Hamilton Tigers 1923

Gilbert Thomas                    Six Nations (1935-55)
                                - Member Western Champion North Shore Indians 1936
                                - Professional Championship with Hornell Bears 1935
                                - Dominion of Canada Award 1936

Ivan Thomas                       Six Nations (1952-79)
                                - President's Cup Champion 1967, 1968
                                - North American Lacrosse Champions Brantford 1967

Ron "Hum" Thomas                  Six Nations (1957-78)
                                - Outstanding Goalie Senior "B" Brantford 1968
                                - Mann Cup Champion Brantford 1971
                                - President's Cup Winner Brantfrod 1967

Stephen Wayne Thompson            Brampton (56-73)
                                - Minto Cup Champion 1957,58,59
                                - Mann Cup Champion 1960 (Port Credit)
                                - Member Pro Lacrosse Montreal 1967, Mariland 1973

Joe Todd                          Peterborough (61-71)
                                - Mann Cup Champion 1966 (Peterborough)
                                - 8th in Senior "A" Scoring 1970
                                - 5th in Pro Series Scoring 1969

Mr. John Turney                   Rexdale
                                - Coach, Convenor, Executive Member 22 Years
                                - Huntley Commission Member (Assisting Local Groups in Formaing Lacrosse Leagues
                                - Life Member Status OMLA 1977

Cecil Vanevery                    Six Nations (1930'S)
                                - Mann Cup Winner North Shore Indians
                                - Known as Stonewall because of his defensive capabilities
                                - All around player with 113 points and 229 penalty minutes in 63 games

Lee Vitarelli                     Peterborough
                                - Junior "A" team and General Manager 23 years
                                - His teams have won 9 Minto Cups
                                - Member Junior "A" Council 23 years

Matthew Wa'is Etienne             Kanehsatake
                                - Continued traditional stick making taught to him by his Father
                                - during the 1970'S was making approximately 650 sticks a week
                                - instrumental in revival of the game in Kanehsatake as coach and President

Bruce Wanless                     Brampton (60-71)
                                - Minto Cup Champion 1957,58,59 (Brampton)
                                - Mann Cup Champion 1960 (Port Credit)
                                - MVP Junior "A" Series 1959

James "Jim" Wasson                Peterborough (69-84)
                                - Minto Cup Champion 1972
                                - Mann Cup Winner World Field Lacrosse Championships 1978

John "Tewaennasen" White          Akwesasne
                                - made his living Playing Lacrosse from 1890-1938 in Maryland, Kansas, California, B.C.,
                                - Memorial Award presented in his honour annually at Hero's Invitations Lacrosse Tournament                                         
                                  in Bal;timore

Matthew "Atenrakaion" White       Akwesasne
                                - Began making sticks in 1889
                                - The First Mohawk to work with Frank Lally
                                  to start up his Lacrosse Stick Factory

                                 1998 HALL OF FAME
Bill Abrams                   (PLAYER)
Six Nations (46-55)
Leading Scorer Michigan-Ontario Box Lacrosse League 1952
Member Rochester Iroquois League Champions 1948-49
Member Detroit Motors League Champions 1952

Brian Aherne                   (PLAYER)
Port Credit (58-70)
3RD in scoring in OLA Jr. "A" Series 1958
Mann Cup Champion 1960
4th in scoring in OLA Senior "A" Series 1962

Tim Barrie                       (PLAYER)
Peterbrogough (65-82)
Minto Cup Champion 1972,73,74
Mann Cup Champion 1978
Minto Cup MVP 1974, MANN CUP MVP 1978

Bob "Rock" Batley                (PLAYER)
Peterborough  (50-65)
Mann Cup Champion 1954
9th in Scoring in OLA Senior Series 1957

Joe Bergin                       (PLAYER) 
Fergus (22-38)
Ontario Junior Champion 1931
Eastern Canadain Senior Finalists 1932
Canadain Olympic Field Lacrosse Team 1932 (World Champions)

Jim Brady                        (BUILDER)
Whitby/St.Catharines (53-98)
Minto Cup Championship Teams 1980,90,91,92
OLA Jr. "A" Coach of the Year 1984,89,98
Teams under his Direction Have Amassed over 475 Wins

Peter Burns                       (PLAYER)
Akwesasne (46-75)
Playing career spanned over 30 years, playing For Teams in St.Regis, St.Catharines, Brantford, Kahnawake, Cornwall, Rochester and Akwesasne.
Top Scorer in League Twice - Names Team Captain 6 times

Bob Burke                         (PLAYER)
Brampton  (60-85)
Mann Cup Champion 1980
OLA Major League Champion 1975, 77, 80, 81
World Field Lacrosse Champion 1978

Wayne Colley                       (PLAYER)
Whitby/Brooklin      (74-90)
Mann Cup Champion  1985, 87, 88, 90
Harry Lumley Award for Fewest Goals Against Major Series 1980,81,83,87,88,89,90
Mike Kelly Award Winner as the MVP in the 1985 MANN CUP Playoffs

Peter Conradi                     (BUILDER)
St.Catharines (46-77)
Key Builder of the Game of Lacrosse in the St.Catharines Area for 31 years at every level: Player,
Coach, Manager, Executive Member, Referee, OLA Board Member. Numerous Ontario Championship Teams
under his direction at the Bantam, Midget, Juvenile and Junior Ranks. Driving Force Behind the
Establishment of the Virgil Lacrosse Association.

Dave Cruikshank                     (PLAYER)
Owen Sound (77-89)
Founders Champion 1982
Leading Scorer OLA Junior "B" 1981
Leading Scorer OLA Senior "B" 1986

Ray Day                             (PLAYER)
Akwesasne (50-95)
Started playing goal at age 12 and continued to play
that position till the age of 55
Voted MVP at the 1979 Presidents Cup Championships
Voted Goaltender of the year for Akwesasne Old Sticks 1993 & 1994.

Bobby Delormier                      (PLAYER)
Akwesasne (56-74)
Best Remembered for his shifty maneuvers on opposing players
Member of Championship teams in St.Regis 1957-58, Niagara Falls 1960
and Fort Erie 1968/69 - Named MVP to his team 3 times.


Cam Devine                            (PLAYER)
Orillia/whitby (67-98)
All-time Jr. "A" scoring leader (257 goals, 509 assists, 766 points)
leading scorer OLA Jr. "A" 1977 & 79, 1979 totals of 76 goals and 171 assists for 247 points
still remains the record for a single season.
Championship Titles include Minto Cup 1980, Mann Cup 1985, Presidents Cup 1989 Founders Cup 1994-95.

Ron Gabriel-Rotonhni                   (PLAYER)
Kanehsatake (50-70)
Small gifted player who relied on his speed, toughness and agility to defend against opposing teams
Played his last competitive game in 1991 at the age of 59. Today he continues to support and offer his 
knowledge to the young players in Kanehsatake.

Jonas Etienne                           (PLAYER)
Within the Mohawk Community he was regarded as one of the greats to play between the pipes. He won many games literally on 
his own demonstrating his spectacular netminding capabilities. Many said he played at his best when he was angry, sometimes
catching the ball in bare hand and taking the ball up the field for a shot on the opposing goaltender.

Paul Gilkinson                           (BUILDER)
Toronto (73-98)
Organized the first women's field lacrosse team in Ontario. Driving force behind moving woman's lacrosse in Canada from the
Box game to the field game. Thru his initiatives and groundbreaking work Canadian Women players are being recognized through
play in U.S. tournaments, and are now playing at American Universities.

Bob Haw                                 (PLAYER)
Brampton (61-76)
Presidents Cup Champion 1972
7th in scoring National Lacrosse League (PRO) 1974
7th in scoring OLA Major Series

Paul Henderson                          (PLAYER)
Port Credit (57-72)
Mann Cup Champion 1960
10th in scoring in O.L.A. Senior A Series 1963
9th in scoring in O.L.A. Senior A Series 1966  

Earl Lafleur                            (PLAYER)
Kahnawake (40's-50's)
Starred as a Lacrosse forward from the mid forties to the late 50's with the Kahnawake Mohawks and the Akwesasne-Kahnawake
Combines. Played alongside legends like Angus Thomas, Louie Sunday, Joe Hemlock. Always recognized as a class player.

Willie Logan                             (PLAYER)
Six Nations (50's-60's)
Played for Intermediate and Senir Teams based in Kitchener, Hamilton and St.Catharines. Member of the Ohsweken team which won a 
Can/Am League Championship. Makes Wooden Lacrosse sticks today. Noted for the "Logan" Special.

Oren Lyons                               (PLAYER)
Onandaga (47-98)
Played goal for the University of Syracuse 1955-59.
All-American 1957 & 1958
Awarded the Laurie Cox Award for the outstanding Lacrosse Player Syracuse University.

Andrew Martin                             (PLAYER)
Six Nations (23-37)
Outstanding two way player and team leader and is recognized as one of the elite players of his era.
Canadian Indoor Lacrosse League Champion 1930 (Buffalo Bowmans). World Indoor Lacrosse Champion 1932 (Atlantic City Americans).

Herbert Martin                            (BUILDER) 
Six Nations (40-70)
Recognized as the producer of one of the finest lacrosse sticks of its time. Helped introduce the new trend in lacrosse sticks
at that time from the traditional wide mouth sticks to a narrower streamlined style of stick. The Martin made stick was always
huge in demand by lacrosse clubs & players all across North America.

Dean McLeod                               (BUILDER)
Brampton (61-98)
Commissioner of the O.L.A. Jr. "A" Lacrosse League (1982-PRESENT) Executive Member, Manager and General Manager Brampton Excelsiors
Lacrosse Club (26 years) O.L.A. Mr. Lacrosse Award 1985 and OLA LIFE MEMBER SINCE 1991.

Jim McMahon                               (PLAYER)
Outstanding Athlete and one of the best players of his era. Two time scoring leader with the St.Catharines
Senior Athletics. Ontario Champion with Welland Switsons 1959.

Carson Myers                              (PLAYER)
St.Catharines (32-45)
OLA Junior "A" Champion 1936
Mann Cup Champion 1940, 44, regarded as clutch ball player due to his ability to always respond when called upon to do so.

John Mouradian                             (PLAYER/BUILDER)
St.Catharines (69-98)
Recognized as St.Catharines Lacrosse "Player of the Decade" for the 70's, World Field Lacrosse Champion 1978, GM of the 
Buffalo Bandits World Champions 1992, 93.

Roger Ouimet                                (PLAYER)
Kahnawake (40's-50's)
Starred as lacrosse forward with the Kahnawake Mohawks & the Akwesasne-Kahnawake Combines from the mid Forties to the late
50's. Although short in stature, he made up for this with his solid physical strength and aggressive style of play. Possessed
a bullet like shot that invariably always found its mark.

Wes Paterson                                (PLAYER)
Tuscarora (50-98)
Founder of the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse program & first Executive Director to help promote Native participation in lacrosse at
the International level. Founder of the Can/Am Lacrosse League to help encourage Native participation in lacrosse. Recipient of
numerous awards for his outstanding contribution and dedication to the game of lacrosse.

Bob Pierson                                  (BUILDER)
Peterborough (47-54)
Executive member Canadian Senior "B" Champions 1947, 48. President and sponsor of the Peterborough Timbermen four time Mann Cup
Champions 1951, 52, 53, 54. was a key contributor and supporter in Peterborough's minor lacrosse system.

Robert K. Porter                              (PLAYER)
Six Nations (40-51)
Member of the Rochester Iroquois 1946 to 1948. OUtstanding defensive player and top scorer. Member of Championship
teaqms for Rochester Iroquois and St.Regis in 1942.

Wallace Roundpoint                           (PLAYER)
Akwesasne (50-60)
Famous for his sidearm shot and the ability to score from any position. Played primarily in the Cornwall & Akwesasne area
but did a stint on the West Coast with the Victoria Shamrocks. Throughout his career in the 1950's his teams usually placed
first in the League Standings and won many championships.

Larry Ruse                                   (PLAYER)
Port Credit (57-61)
6th in scoring in OLA Senior "A" Series 1957
Member of the 1960 Mann Cup Champions Port Credit Sailors
2nd in scoring in OLA Senior A Series 1961

Gary Smith                                  (PLAYER)
Six Nations (50-59)
All round player, great goal scorer. Always seemed to score the winning goal or overtime goal to win the game.
Member of the Brantford Midget Mohawks All-Ontario champions. Member of the Tuscarora Indians 1955 Senior "B" 
Ontario Champions.

Richard "Boss" Squires                       (PLAYER)
Six Nations (72-85)
Top scorer in the OLA Senior B Series 1973. Averaged more than 2 goals a game and scored 158 points. Won the 
Bucko MacDonald Trophy as top scorer in the OLA Major Series 1974. Averaged more than  3 goals per game and
finished with a points total of 127. Played 5 years between 1974 and 1979 at the OLA Major Series Level.

Tom Succamore                                (BUILDER)
Etobicoke (70-98)
Over 28 years of dedication to the game of lacrosse as an executive member, General Manager, Fund Raiser and Promoter of the game. 
Original member of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum Steering Committee 1994-1998. Member of the Canadian East Selection
Committee for the Canadaian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Billy and Bobby Sunday                       (PLAYER)
Played for the St.Regis Indians during their heyday.
Trined by the Golden Era Legendary team that consissted of
Angus Thomas, Angus George and Luis Sunday. Trained to be speedsters
who would grab the ball off the faceoff and rush down to the net
for a quick and easy goal.

Charlie L. Thomas                           (PLAYER)
Six Nations (49-74)
Played 26 years of organized lacrosse in Six Nations, Hamilton, St.Catharines, Lewiston, N.Y. and Niagara Falls.
All-Ontario Bantam Champions Six Nations 1951-52. President Cup Champions 1967 & 1968 with the Supertest Warriors.


Ron Thomas                                   (PLAYER)
Akwesasne (50-60)
From a rich family tradition imbedded in lacrosse, Ron is the son of the famous Angus Thomas. Played for St.Regis Indians
during the 50's and 60's.
Played in the Eastern Ontario Lacrosse League winning many Senior Lacrosse Championships for Akwesasne.

Elmer Tran                                  (PLAYER)
Brooklin/Whitby (61/76)
Minto Cup Champion 1963, Oshawa Green Gaels
Mann Cup Champion 1969, Brooklin Redmen
Leading Scorer OLA Senior "A" Series 1960.

Donald "Dootch" Vitarelli                    (PLAYER)
Peterborough (46-53)
1946-48 Ontario Senior B Champions
Mann Cup Champion 1951, 52, 53 Peterborough Timbermen
Team Captain 1951,52,53 Peterborough Timbermen

Bram Wilfong                                 (PLAYER)
Brampton (64-89)
Outstanding offensive player, excellent long ball scorer and playmaker. Senior "A" and Major Series totals 
475 goals, 446 assists for 921 points. President Cup Champion 1972, Mann Cup Champion 1980.

Enos Williams                               (BUILDER)
Began crafting lacrosse sticks as a hobby. 1946 started a business in hand crafting wooden lacrosse sticks. He was
so successful by 1965, he was then able to provide for his family. Sold sticks to many different lacrosse clubs.
His sticks are well known by lacrosse players throughout North America. Enos stamped every lacrosse sticks he made
with a date to see how long it would last.

                                 1999 HALL OF FAME
James "Jimmy" Alfred          (PLAYER) 
Kahnawakee 1930's and 1940's
Legendary Mohawk lacrosse player, noted goal scorer played on several Quebec 
Lacrosse Association championship teams in the 1930's.
Played with the likes of Angus George, Angus Thomas and Louie Sunday; together
this group formed the nucleus of many unbeatable squads.
Jimmy was a highly dedicated athlete, leading scorer, often voted Most Valuable Player,
and an outstanding team player throughout his career.

Harold Lloyd Bissell           (PLAYER)
Tuscarora 1950's
Member of the Tuscarora Lacrosse Club Senior "B" Champions 1957 & 1958
Leading scorer and team leader.
Accurate shooter and speedster.  

Barb Boyes                     (BUILDER)
Whitby 1980's to present
Coached at every level from High School to the National level.
Instrumental in introducing and developing Girls Field Lacrosse in Durham
Region which has become the first sanctioned high school league in Canada
which serves as the blueprint for other boards to form new leagues.
It has been her unrelenting pursuit of excellence and strong personnel 
principals that has insured the success of the players she has worked with, 
placing an ever increasing number of players on our National Teams and
competing at the World Cup level.

James Caldwell                  (BUILDER)
Akwesasne 1940's to 1960's
Coached & Managed teams in Cornwall, Alexandria, Lancaster and St.Regis.
Coached the 1949 Cornwall Island Juniors
Manager & Acting Coach of the St.Regis Indians Senior Lacrosse Club 1950-1962
Eastern Ontario Champions

Joseph Cook                       (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1920's & 30's
Began playing men's field lacrosse at the age of 13.
Played with teams from Akwesasne, St.Regis and Cornwall Island with such legends as
Angus Thomas, Angus George and Phillip Hopps.
Played professional for New York in late 1920's and Rochester NY 1936-38 playing with
and against greatest players of that era.
In 1977 received Lifetime Achievement award for dedication to Lacrosse from
Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse Association.

Gail Cummings-Danson             (PLAYER)
Huntsville 1970's To 1990's
Played boys rep lacrosse in Huntsville from 1975 to 1982 winning Provincial
Championship at the Novice, Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels along with a 
Canadian Championship in Midget.
Member of the Canadian Woman's Field Lacrosse program from 1983 to 1989, top
scorer for Canada in 1986 and 1989 at World Cup, named to the All World team 
in 1986. 
First Canadian female to receive an athletic scholarship for lacrosse. Temple
University all-time leading scorer, 3 time All American and NCAA Champion in 1988.
Member of the USA Women's Field Lacrosse Team 1993 World Cup Champions.

Henry Gasp                        (PLAYER)
Kanehsatake 1940's and 1950's
Responsible for starting up the Kanehsatake Senior Lacrosse tem in the
1940's. Through his initiative and dedication the game resurfaced in Kanehsatake.
Henry was a strong playmaker on his team's top line, possessing a hard
accurate shot.
Team Captain, Manager and Coach.
Played along with and against other OLHF inductees Antoine Nelson, Jonas Etienne,
Ronnie Gabriel aand Mathew Etienne.

Homer Gerber                      (BUILDER)      
Fergus 1960's to 1980's
Assisted in the re-building of the Fergus Thistles Senior Lacrosse Club in 1962.
Elora Mohawks Manager for 6 years.
21 years as an executive member of the Fergus Thistles & the Elora Mohawks.
Ontario Lacrosse Board member for 6 years.
Co-founder of the Dresden Minor Lacrosse Association

Enos Emlock                         (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1950's
Star player in the 1950's with the St.Regis Indians and the Tuscarora Scobies
Possessed outstanding speed and agility, always a top scorer for his team.
Played with and against such legends as Frank Benedict, Pete Burns Sr., Wally 
Roundpoint, Angus Thomas and Freeman Jacobs.

Ted Higgins                         (BUILDER)
Peterborough 1960's to Present
Ted has been involved in Lacrosse for the past forty years as an Executive member
and owner of both the Junior and Senior Lacrosse Teams in Peterborough.
Ted always went out of his way to help the less fortunate boys in town who were
unable to afford the cost to play.
In 1978 he was instrumental in having Senior Lacrosse returned to Peterborough.
Involved in the following Championship seasons Canadian Junior Champions 1961,
1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 and Canadian Senior Champions in 1978.

Chuck Hill                        (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1930's and 40's
Played goal for Rochester Iroquois from 1933 to 1947, 1 year with Vancouver North Shore Indians in 1940.
Bruce was a credit to his position all his playing years. His talent was always a factor in the league
he played in.
Played with the likes of Bob Jamieson, Bill Isaacs, Arlie Hill, Henry (Tonto) Smith and Jack Squires.

Jack "Red" Hill                    (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1960's and 1970's

Louis Jacques                       (BUILDER)
Onondaga 1950's to 1980's
Involved for over 25 years with Onondaga Warriors Box Lacrosse as a Player and Coach.
Helped form the North American Lacrosse Association. In 1968, league made up from
Onondaga Nation, Akwesasne and other Iroquois territories.
Recognized as a master stickmaker and true craftsman in family business making as many as 11,500 
sticks per year.
Known for his knowledge of the game, served as Assistant Coach for the USA Box Lacrosse Team
that competed in a World Box Championship.

Gary Landoni                        (PLAYER)
Fergus 1950's to 1970's
Career average of nearly four points per game.
From 1958 through to 1962 played on five consecutive championship teams
(Intermediate A, Juvenile A, Junior B, Junior A and Senior A)
Consistently among the leagues top scorers, unselfish player who always played
both ends of the floor.

Chuck Martin Sr.                     (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1960's

Ziggy Musial                         (PLAYER/BUILDER)
Brampton 1950's to Present
Playing career spanning from 1958 to 1975 - Jr. "A" in Brampton, Pro with Toronto
Tomahawks and the Philadelphia Wings.
Dedicated team player and loose ball specialist who devoted his playing career to
promoting the game of lacrosse on and off the floor.
Involved with Brampton Junior lacrosse and Major Lacrosse to this day.

Lionel "Huck" O'Connell                (BUILDER)
Guelph 1960's to Present
Involved in Lacrosse for the past 32 years and is still involved.
As a Builder he has held positions as team executive, league executive, coach and
fund raiser member in the Lacrosse communities of Guelph and Kitchener.
Huck received the OLA's Merv MacKenzie award aqnd Zone 8's appreciation award
in 1992.
Was inducted into the Fergus Sports Hall of Fame in 1991 as a Player and inducted
into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame in 1992 as a Builder.

Robbie Patten                          (PLAYER)
Alderwood 1950's to 1970's.
Robbie was known for his excellent on the run shooting, quick stick whenever
around the net.
Member of the Legendary Lakeshore Maple Leafs, Minto Cup Champions 1970, was
awarded the Ontario Lacrosse Jr. "A" Most Sportsmanlike Player combined with
ability in 1971.
Drafted in 1972 by Mann Cup Brantford Warriors Robbie went on to professional
ranks in 1974 in the National Lacrosse League where he played for Syracuse in 74
and in 75 with Boston Bolts.

Barry Powless                            (PLAYER)
Onondaga 1970's to 1990's
Member of Mann Cup Championship Team New Westminster Salmonbellies in 1981.
Member of President Cup Championship teams with North Shore Indians in 1985 
and Fergus Thistles in 1990.
While a member of the North Shore Indians he attained the following awards
MVP Season 1981 & 1985, Most Sportsmanlike 1986 & 1987, Top Scorer in 1985,
League First Team All-Star 1981, 1984, 1987, MVP Playoffs 1984 and MVP Player
in the Preisdents Cup Tournament in 1981.

Terry Sanderson                          (PLAYER/BUILDER)
1970's to Present
Playing career spanned from 1972 to 1989 Junior in Bolton, Senior in Orangeville,
Fergus and Victoria, B.C., Pro with Quebec and Syracuse. And from 1990 to present
in the coaching ranks.
Tough rugged no nonsense player and coach always getting the most out of his 
teammates and players always instilling a committment to winning, as most of the 
teams he has been associated with have accomplished.
To date as a Player, Coach and Executive member he has the following Championships
to his credit. 1 NLL Champions in 1975, 2 Mann Cups 1980 & 1990, 3 Minto Cups 1993, 1995 
and 1996 along with a total of 13 Ontario titles.

Ted Sawicki                               (PLAYER)
St.Catharines 1970's to Present
Outstanding goaltender at every level in Box, field and professional league.
Winner of Founders Cup, Mann Cup, North American Cup, Canadian Field Champions.
10 MVP Awards with Detroit Turbos, MVP Founders Cup, Rookie of the Year in Sr. A League.
2 time First All-Star in MILL.

Bob Wasson                                (PLAYER)
Peterborough 1960's to 1980's
Finest faceoffman, penalty killer and loose ball specalist during his career.
1975 Jim McConaghy Award MVP Minto Cup Championship
4 time Mann Cup Champion from 1972 to 1975 and 4 time Mann Cup Champion.
3rd in All-time Mann Cup scoring.

George Watson                              (BUILDER)
Owen Sound 1960's to 1990's
Over 30 years in team executive from minor to Jr.B to Senior, acting as Manager, President,
sponsor and fundraiser.
4 President Cup Championship Teams and Founders Cup Champion.
Recipient of the "Mr.Lacrosse Award" in 1997 from the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

Carl White                                 (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1960's to 1980's
Played minor lacrosse on Cornwall Island, Jr. B for St.Regis Braves from 1967 to 1971, 
senior for Brooklin Redmen in 1972 and Peterborough Lakers in 1973 and Akwesasne Warriors from 
1976 to 1985.
Junior B Quebec Champions 1967 & 1968, Junior B OLA Champions 1970 & 1971 and Mann Cup
Champions in 1973.
First Team All-Star in 1978 President Cup Championship Tournament.

Louis White                                 (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1920's to 1940's
Basically raised with a Lacrosse stick in his hand, played field lacrosse in St.Regis in
the 1920's then moved to box lacrosse in the 1920's to 1940's playing in Hogansburg under
coach Faher Jacobx.
One of the top face off men of his era.
Member of Championship team in 1932 and received top player award in 1949.

Ron Winterbottom                            (BUILDER)
1950's to Present
Played Jr. A and Sr. A lacrosse in St.Catharines
Dedicated worker for over 35 years in all parts of running lacrosse in St.Catharines area.
Coached, managed, fund raised to aid in the rebuilding of lacrosse in the area,
An individual who truly "Gave back to the Game".


                                 2000 HALL OF FAME
Mike Benedict Sr.                          (PLAYER) 
Akwesasne 1960-1980's
Played Junior B with St.Regis Braves
Senior B with Akwesasne Warriors (1975-81)
M.V.P. President's Cup (1978 and 1979)
Participated in lacrosse demonstrations in Montreal  (67), Rochester, N.Y. (1969),
Victoria (1971), Calgary (1980). Drafted by Montreal Quebecois of the N.L.L. in 1974.

Bill Dicks                                  (BUILDER)
Long Branch - 1950's - 1980's
Played minor in Mimico, Long Branch
Member of 1955 Minto Cup Champion Long Branch Monarchs
Best remembered for 25 year career as a referee.
Referee in Chief for O.L.A. (1969-73), Assistant Referee in Chief
of the N.L.L. (1974-75)
First Canadian to referee the field game at International level (1967).
Appeared in eighteen consecutive Canadian Senior and Junior Championship

Paul Evans                                   (PLAYER)
Peterborough 1970's - 1980's
Member of Four Time Minto Cup Championship Team Peterborough PCO's (1972-75)
Minto Cup M.V.P, (1973), leading scorer Junior A (1974).
Member Mann Cup Champion Peterborough Red Oaks (1978), Peterborough Lakers (1982).
Leading scorer in O.L.A. Major in (1978 & 1982).
Spent most winters after 1975 as professional player in the N.H.L. and the I.H.L.

Sharon Hrinco                                  (BUILDER)
Etobicoke 1970's - 1990's
Has contributed over 20 years as an executive member and administrator on club, zone
and O.L.A. boards.
1984 recipient of Al Austin Award for her contribution to Etobicoke Lacrosse.
1994 recipient of Thomas "Tip" Teather Award for her outstanding contribution to the 
Ontario Lacrosse Association
Recognized Provincially for her positive make things happen attitude, her vision has had
a profound impact on shaping the administration of this sport into the future.

Bob Joseph                                     (BUILDER)
Kingston 1960's - 1990's
Has been an active franchise owner, coach, reeree, executive member and sponsor at all
levels of the game during the pas thirty one years.
Served as President Kingston Minor lacrosse (1970-79), Director Ontario Minor
Lacrosse Association (1971-72), President Orillia Jr.B Lacrosse Club (1990-92), Co-Sponsor
Peterborough Lakers Major Lacrosse Club (1995-2000(.
1999 inducted into Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame.

Paul "Tarowake" Lafrance   **                   (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1920's - 1940's
Played field lacrosse in the late 1920's.
Member of the Cornwall Island Indians (1932-33) and the St.Regis Indians (1934-38)
who in 1935 were Eastern Ontario Lacrosse Association Champions.
Recognized for tough defensive play.

Alvin "Boots" Martin      **                    (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1930's-1940's
Played Field Lacrosse in 1930's in Buffalo, Rochester, and Atlantic City.
Played professionally for Rochester Iroquois Lacrosse Club from 1936-1939.
Recognized for a  career of outstanding scoring.

Garland "Beans" Martin    **                     (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1940's-1960's
1948 led Six Nations to Intermediate Championship defeating Sarnia in a 
Best of Five at the Detroit Olympia.
Played for Brantford Bills (1950-52) and Tuscarora Indians (1954-55)
Described as a "Tower of Strength on Defence"
Played with and against such greats as Ross Powless, Tuman Jamieson, Jack Squire
and Les Brodeur.

Max Martin                **                     (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1930's-1940's
Member of two Iroquois Indian Zelter Cup (New York State Championship Teams
in 1937 and 1938.
Played with Toronto Marlboros (1935), the Rochester Iroquois Lacrosse Club (1938-39),
Hamilton Tigers (1940) and the Fergus Thistles in (1941-42).
Played with or against such greats as Bill Isaacs, Bob Porter, Judy "Punch Garlow
and Bucko McDonald.

Gary Moore                                      (PLAYER)
St.Catharines 1950's-1970's
Had a successful Jr. "A" career as a leader and a scorer with the Athletics from
1954-58, including leading scorerin in O.L.A. Junior "A" in 1958.
Played Senior "A" in Nanaimo in 1959, Victoria in 1960, St.Catharines from 1961-69
and Brantford from 1971-74.
Leading scorer in Senior "A" in 1962.
Member of the 1971 Brantford Warriors Mann Cup Championship Team.

Julie Norton                                    (PLAYER)
Rexdale 1970's-1990's
Starting Goaltender for Canada in three World Cup Field Tournaments in
1982, 1986 and 1989.
Played for Ontario Provincial Field Team for eleven seasons 1982-93.
Also a successful box player, winning ten consecutive Provincial Championships
with the Rexdale Squaws (1971-74), West Mall Mohawks (1975), Etobicoke
Tomahawks (1976-77), and Toronto Beaches (1978-80).

Matt Rohmer      **                             (PLAYER)
Hamilton 1930's - 1940's
At age twenty one played for Canadian National Team at the 1932 Olympic Games 
in Los Angeles.
In 1933, with brothers Ernie, Jack and Bob as Hamilton Tiger Teammates, set off
on a twenty-on day rail expedition to capture the Mann Cup.
The Tigers defeated the Fort William Pontiacs 21-2, the Manitoba Argonauts 16-5,
with Rohmer scoring a hat-trick, the Calgary Shamrocks 15-4 and finally advanced
to the best of five against the New Westminster Salmonbellies.
The Tigers won the first two games, before finding themselves in a deciding game
As leading scorer in the playoffs, Rohmer scored four goals in a 12-7 Tiger victory,
capturing the Mann Cup on October 17th.

Abe Thomas                                       (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1950's - 1960's
Played for St.Regis Indians during 1950's-60's.
Leading scorer in Eastern Ontario Lacrosse League in 1959.
Member of eight Championship Teams.

                                 2001 HALL OF FAME
Gary "Turtle" Drysdale                          (PLAYER) 
Brampton 1960's - 1980's
Outstanding Goaltender with Brampton Excelsiors in Minor, Junior "A", and Major.
Named MVP in Junior "A" League in 1963
Top goalie in Senior "B" in 1972
Appeared in Mann Cup finals with Brooklin (1967) and Brampton (1975 & 1976)

Donald Gabriel                                (PLAYER)
Kanehsatake 1946 - 1966
Recognized for his speed and accuracy shooting.
One of the most dedicated and skilled players ever to represent Kanehsatake.
Dedication to game continues today as a lacrosse stick manufacturer.
Played with or against such Lacrosse Greats as Henry Gaspe, Antoine Nelson,
Dick Martin and Peter Burns.

Dave General                                  (BUILDER)
Coached Minor, Junior "A" and Major Lacrosse in Six Nations.
Coach of the Year, 1991 Junior "A" Lacrosse with Arrows.
Coach of 1992 Minto Cup Champions Six Nations Arrows.
Captured Mann Cup Championships with Six Nations Chiefs in 1994, 1995, and 1996.
Recognized by his peers as "Intelligent student of the game".
Ontario Municipal Recreation Association award recipint.

Russ George                                      (PLAYER)
During playing career with Lafayette Lancers contributed to a team
winning streak which lasted 36 games over three seasons in New York State League.
Named to all Conference Lacrosse and Football squads in 1960's.
Played for Onondaga AC's, Oshwego State U Lakers and Syracuse
In 1975 he was co-captain of the NLL Quebec Caribou, Nations Cup Trophy winners.
Recently active coaching - Onondaga Ac's (1984-85), Oneida
Silverhawks (1998-1999), and Oshwego Hawks (2000-2001).

Kerri Hardill                                      (PLAYER)
Member of 5 Canadian Women's Field teams.
Leading scorer in 1982 World Cup.
Recognized as one of Canada's best all round field players of
the 1980's.
Also Participated in Box Lacrosse.
Member of Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame.
An accomplished Ice Hockey player winning 3 OUA
Championships with University of Toronto Lady Blues in 1986,
1987 and 1988.

Ron MacSpadyen                                     (BUILDER)
Has contributed 25 years as Executive Member, Coach, Referee and
Administrator at the Club and Zone levels.
A member of 11 Provincial Championship teams as a player or coach 
with Rexdale Warriors.
Helped launch Wintario Funding Assistance for Minor Lacrosse player
development camps (1976 - 1980), Lacrosse demonstrations at the CNE
(1978 - 1984) and Ontario University Field Lacrosse League (1984).
Active in Ontario Lacrosse Association coaching program.

Orval "Brownie" Porter **                          (PLAYER)
Fort Erie
Recognized as an outstanding team player.
Played box lacrosse with Brantford Bills (1949 - 1952), the Dundas
Hornets (1953 - 1955) and Ohsweken Mohawks (1964 - 1965).
Captain and MVP with the Hornets for 3 consecutive seasons.
Played with or aqgainst such lacrosse greats as Garland "Beans" Martin,
Ross Powless, Hook Martin and Buck Smith.
When he retired after almost 20 seasons as a player, he continued to 
referee the game at all levels.

Barry Richardson                                  (PLAYER)
Ranks 12th in all-time Brampton Excelsior scoring with 335 points
(111 goals, 224 assists) in 231 games.
Only Brampton Excelsior to make 5 Mann Cup appearances
(1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, and 1981).
Played for Philadelphia Wings of the NLL.
Member of 1972 Brampton Excelsior President's Cup Championship Team.
Junior "A" Coach of the Year in 1992 and 1994.
Currently contributes to the game as a coach and volunteer.

                                 2002 HALL OF FAME
Revis Bennett **                                (PLAYER)
Brampton 1950's - 1970's
Recognized as the heart and soul of any team he played on.
Friend and teammate with Jack Bionda in Huntsville.
Played in Acton, Georgetown, and Streetsville prior to joining Brampton Majors in 1958.
Coaching career spanned 10 years, and included Provincial Championship Season.
Brampton's Coach of the Year in 1966.
Coached Major and Junior "A" Excelsiors.
Driving force behind establishing minor player development clinic
in Brampton.

Alan Frick                                       (PLAYER)
Guelph 1940's - 1960's.
Played for St.Catharines Athletics Junior "A" (1948 - 1950), and Major
(1951 - 1960).
Member of the "A"'s 1950 Minto Cup Championship Team.
Recognized as a top scorer.
Played with or against such Lacrosse Greats as Ross Powless, Ted Howe,
Doug Smith and Jim McNulty.

Lorne Jamieson  **                                   (PLAYER)
Fort Erie 1940's - 1950's
Captained three North American Lacrosse Association (NALA) Championships (1947 - 1949)
with Rochester Veteran Tigers.
Played with Buffalo Athletic Club (1952 - 1956).
Played with or against juch Lacrosse Greats as Bill Isaacs, Dave Martin and Robert 

Ruby Lang                                              (BUILDER)
Mimico 1960's - Present
Served for more than thirty years as guardian of the 110 year old
Mimico Lacrosse Club.
Past Winner of the Provincial Merv McKenzie Award (Top Promoter of
Lacrosse in Ontario).
Past winner of the "Tip" Teather Memorial Award (Outstanding Service in the Sport).
Recognized both locally and provincially for her positive, community
based approach to ensure opportunity to the sport for all children.
Life member of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.


Bill Lefeuvre                                              (SPECIAL CONSIDERATION)
Driving force behind funding and building of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
Participation on Steering Committee ensuring the opening of the Hall several years 
in advance of the original plan.
Involved in Lacrosse since early 80's.
Coach and General Manager of Founders' Cup Champion Spartan Warriors in 1996.
Currently serves as General Manager of the St.Catharines Athletics of the OLA Major Series.

Lawrence Martin Jr.                                            (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1940's - 1960's.
Played 10 years for the St.Regis Mohawks.
Named Most Valuable Player on three consecutive Eastern Ontario Lacrosse Association Teams
in Valleyfield, Quebec.
Joined Rochester Iroquois, Rochester New York in 1971.
Holds ELOA  records for single-game scoring (13 goals) and fastest natural hat-trick (15 seconds).

Steve Mastine                                                 (PLAYER)
Brampton 1970's - 1990's.
Member of Canadian Men's Field Team which captured the 1978 ILF World Championship in Manchester, England.
OLA Junior "A" Rookie of the Year in 1968.
Leading Scorer in three leagues in the OLA - Junior "A" 1971, Senior "B" 1972, Major 1977.
Member of the 1969 Brampton Excelsior Mann Cup Championship Team.
Life Member of the Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club.
Still coaches Minor Box and Field Lacrosse in Brampton today.


Leonard Moses                                               (PLAYER)
Six Nations  1940's - 1970's.
Recognized as a Premier Defensive Specialist during his 23-year playing career.
Played Senior in Toledo, Windsor, Chatham, Wallaceburg, Hamilton, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls.
Member of 1967 Brantford Supertests President's Cup Team.
Played with and against such Lacrosse Greats as Ross Powless, Cap Bomberry and Bill Abrams.

Patrick Smith                                               (PLAYER)
St.Catharines 1940's - 1950's.
Among a select group of players who won Mann and Minto Cups with different
After playing Junior "A" in 1940 with St.Catharines Shamrocks, travelled
with Orillia Terriers to defend their Minto Cup in British Columbia.
Won the Mann Cup at home with the St.Catharines Athletics in 1946.
Team Captain.
Outstanding Goal Scorer and Playmaker.
Served Canada in the Special Paratroopers Division in Europe from 1942 - 1943.

Dave Sunday **                                              (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1970's - 1990's.
Played Senior Lacrosse in the Quebec Lacrosse League (QLL) and CAN/AM Lacrosse League
(CLL) with the Akwesasne Warriors and Cornwall Thunderbirds during the 70's.
Team Leader.
Prolific Goal Scorer.
Continued to play recreationally into the early 1990's with Akwesasne Oil Sticks.
Played with Lacrosse Greats Mike Mitchell, Ernie Mitchell and John Davis.

                                 2003 HALL OF FAME
Michael "Kanatakeron" Mitchell                               (SPECIAL CONSIDERATION)
Akwesasne 1960's - 2003
Akwesasne Mohawk Territory Wolf Clan
Driving force behind the Iroquois Lacrosse Association for the past 10 years.
His efforts have made the Iroquois Lacrosse Association a Nationally recognized entity with the
Canadian Lacrosse Association.
Re-established Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse in 1990 after many years of dormancy.
Major influence in the establishment of the Akwesasne Old Sticks, which led to the establishment
of the Iroquois Lacrosse Association's Senior B League.
His high regard for Lacrosse as the "Creator's Game" has promoted the game for the social/cultural 
opportunities it provides the aboriginal people and non-aboriginal who the game has been shared with.
1993 appointed as a member of the CLA's Board of Director's as Native Director led a campaign
to have Native Players recognized and inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame where
only a handful of Natives had been selected. Worked long and hard to have the National Hall of Fame
Committee recognize the credentials of Native players who excelled in lacrosse in the early days
of the game.
Established Akwesasne Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
Spearheaded the revival of the Iroquois Nations Cup Senior Lacrosse Tournament, which is an all
Native competition that is seen as an opportunity for native players to thank the creator for
lacrosse and exchange culture and traditions with other Nations.
Instrumental in the establishment of the Thunder Lacrosse Award in the Cornwall Lions Club Sports
Instrumental in the establishment of Akwesasne Thunder Sr. A Lacrosse Club.
Aided the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum to select 46 players and builders for their
first induction ceremonies in 1997.

Robert "Karontatsi" Cook                                       (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1940's -1950's
Key member of the 1948 Rochester Veteran Tigers.
His hard work and dedication helped the Tigers battle for 1st place in the North American
Lacrosse Association.
Played with lacrosse greats Ross Powless, Ross Green and Bob Porter.

Eli Cornelius                                                  (PLAYER)
Oneida 1940's - 1950's
Playing days began in the 40's with his local high school and continued into the
late 1960's playing for the Syracuse Lacrosse Club, playing well to his retirement
at age 50.
Played as an "old-timer" at age 62 in a 1978 Syracuse University Alumni game.
Began making sticks in 1956, and was called "The Last Great Stick Maker" by 
Syracuse Herald Journal in 1987.
Attended all Syracuse Orangemen games and assisted in coaching and monitoring
from sidelines by instilling his respect and passion for the game of lacrosse.
After winning a National title in 1983, Syracuse University coach Roy Simmons Jr.
gave an honourary championship ring to Eli as a token of his appreciation for
his hard work and dedication to the Orangemen over the years.

Samuel Crogan                                                 (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1940's - 1960's
Member of 2 Senior B championship teams, with the Tuscarora Indians in 1955 and the
Scobies of Niagara Falls in 1960.
"Always played lacrosse as it was meant to be played: hard hitting, fast and with a passion for the game".
Top face-off specialist and playmaker.
Played with lacrosse greats Ross Powless, Roger Smith and Abe Thomas.

Richard "Sonny" Herrington                                    (BUILDER)
Cornwall 1950's - 1980's
Committed, tireless volunteer who has had a significant impact on the development and
growth of lacrosse in Eastern Ontario.
Coach, Referee, Team Executive, League Executive, Provincial Executive for both Minor
and Jr. Lacrosse in Cornwall and Ontario Lacrosse.
Worked continuously promoting the game of lacrosse and is responsible for
introducing lacrosse to hundreds of children in Cornwall and Area.
1970 received "Mr.Lacrosse" Award from the Ontario Lacrosse association.
1972 received "Mr.Lacrosse" Award from Cornwall Lacrosse.
1973 received Sportsman of the Year Award in Cornwall.
1974 Inducted into the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame.

Joseph "J.J." Hill                                            (BUILDER)
Waterloo 1940's - 1960's
Spent 25 years as a player, coach, referee and executive member in Orillia, Fergus and Waterloo.
Helped organize Minor Lacrosse in Kitchener-Waterloo in 1954.
Inducted into Fergus Lacrosse Hall of Fame as a Player.
Inducted into Kitchener-Waterloo Sports Hall of Fame as a Builder.

David Harvey Martin                                              (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1940's - 1950's
Played for Rochester Veteran Tigers and the Buffalo Athletics Club.
Known as a playmaker, and excellent drawman.
He had the "perfect pass".
Proved that small men can play a "big man's game".
Through his quiet manner, patience and experience he used this tremendous
insight to get smaller player's to play bigger than they were, when coaching
at all level's after his own playing career.
Played with such lacrosse greats as Bill Isaacs, Bill Abrams, Max Martin and
Bruce Hill.

Barry Maruk                                                      (PLAYER)
Brampton 1970's - 1980's
Premiere goaltender of his period, playing Junior A with the Rexdale Warriors and
Senior A with the Brampton Excelsior's.
Outstanding stopper and passer, he ranked top five in team scoring during
five lacrosse seasons.
Member of the 1980 Mann Cup Championship Team, Brampton Excelsiors.
1980 Recipient of the Mike Kelly Award - MVP Mann Cup.

Robert Michael Seymour                                               (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1960's - 1980's
Played for the St.Regis Braves and the Akwesasne Warriors.
Best known for his defensive abilities.
Received several defensive awards during his career.
Played with or against lacrosse greats Dave Sunday, Carl White, 
Travis Cook and Mike Benedict.

Floryan "Chick" Tomchyshyn                                            (PLAYER)
Port Credit 1950's - 1970's
Tenacious, hard working, consistent scorer.
One of the best face-off and loose ball men.
Most Valuable Player of 1955 Minto Cup Championship with the Long Branch
1960 Mann Cup Championship with Port Credit Sailors.
1957 and 1960 Most Valuable Player in the OLA Senior A League while playing
with Long Branch Monarchs, Long Branch Pontiacs and Port Credit Sailors
Played with or against such notable players aS Ross Powless, Bob Pulford, Jack Bionda
and Bob Allen.

Jack Wilson                                                           (BUILDER)
Mississauga 1960's - 2003
Outstanding lacrosse person that has dedicated over 30 years to the development of
Junior lacrosse in Mississauga, and continues to this day.
Unselfishly leads by example with his hard work and commitment behind the scenes
as major fundraiser, executive member and most recently General Manager of the
Mississauga Tomahawks Jr.A Lacrosse Club.
Chairman of the Board of the Junior A Council.
Jr. B Ontario Champions 1969, 1986, 1987.
Jr. B Founders Cup Champions 1986.
1999 Inducted to the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame for Contribution to Community
1999 Recipient "Mr.Lacrosse" Award.

                                 2004 HALL OF FAME
Edward Crogan                                                (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1950's - 1970's
Has spent a major portion of life as a player and coach.
Has devoted his time and knowledge helping establish a league for young people
in the Fort Erie area.
Key Member of the 1955 Tuscarora Indians and 1960 Niagara Falls Scobies both
OLA Senior B Champions.
In 1968 he won the top scorer award for the Senior B Fort Erie Hawks, where
he also served as team captain.
He always tried his best to bring respect and honour to this sport that it
so rightly deserves.
Known as both a high scorer and a defensive player, recognized for his
power play ability.
After playing days were over, he coached and managed Fort Erie Hawks and
served on the Fort Erie Minor Lacrosse Executive.

George Kapasky                                                (PLAYER)
Etobicoke 1950's - 1970's
Played Junior A for the Long Branch Monarch and Senior A with the Port Credit
Played pro with Toronto Tomahawks into the mid 70's.
He won the 1955 Minto Cup as well as the 1960 Mann Cup, and played in 6
National Lacrosse Finals.
Played his Career at the top level of competition. Regarded as one of the
best players of his era.
Natural team leader on and off the floor, defensive force with superior ball
handling skills.

Elmer "Milkshake" Lee                                          (VETERAN)
Mississauga 1940's - 1960's
Member of the 1948 Mann Cup Champions, with the Hamilton Tigers.
Coached Port Credit Sailors to Mann Cup Victory in 1960.
His playing career spanned over fifteen years with Toronto Lakeshores,
Etobicoke Indians, Mimico, and Hamilton Tigers.
Recognized as a high-spirited defensive specialist, and playmaker.
Well respected as both a player and coach. Long history of dedication to this
sport. He played and coached in an era of relative infancy of the game.
Continues to provide encouragement and support for the game.
Known as the most "winning coach" in the Lakeshore area.

Jack Madgett                                                (PLAYER)
Brampton 1950's - 1970's
Appeared in four Mann Cup Finals, 1961, 1962, 1964 and 1965.
Played for the legendary Green Gaels for Jim Bishop in Newmarket from
1954 - 1956.
MVP Award for Brampton in 1960.
Explosive speed made him a dangerous and exciting forward.
Always near the top of the scoring title, but also a good checker.
Instrumental in starting Chingacousy Minor Lacrosse (Bramalea).
where he coached for many years.

George "Jug" McGaffey                                       (PLAYER)
Wallaceburg 1950's - 1970's
Spent over 25 years as a player, coach, referee and executive member.
Scored at least fifty goals a year on average. His highest scoring year
ended with him potting 80 goals.
His name is synonymous with the game in the Wallaceburg area.
Prolific goal scorer in any league he played, scored 56 goals as a rookie
with Wallaceburg Intermediates.
His love of our game was intense and with that desire and natural ability
he could play in any league throughout the nation.
Known as a true gentleman on the floor. Fans always came to be entertained
by "Jug".

Robert "Sahkaronia" Scott                                         (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1940's - 1960's
Played for more than 25 years.
Remembered as a goalie that was exciting to watch, played with flair
and colourful showmanship. Remembered in Kahnawake in particular as "The 
Wandering Goalie".
He involved himself in the team offense and assisted on many goals, as he
made his way up the floor.
Known for building his team's moral as well as getting the fans involved in
the game.
His skills and technique were one of a kind. He was a solid and fearless 
competitor. He played in the nets without a mask or facial protection for
much of his career.
He was a winner of the Longboat-Thorpe Trophy at the North American Indian
Lacrosse Championships in Squamish, B.C.
Named leading goalie in the Quebec Lacrosse League, the same year he helped
his team, The Caughnawaga Indians win the League Championship.

Russell Smith                                                     (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1960's - 1970's
Premiere defenseman of his period.
Played Senior B with the Brantford Warriors where he won two consecutive
championships in 1967 & 1968.
He was a superb defender and gave everything he had to the game he was
passionate about.
Played with or against some great lacrosse players in his career including,
Jim and Bill Squires, Ross Powless, Ray Hill, and Roger Smith.

Gaylord Thomas                                                      (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1960's - 2000's
One of the top defensive forwards to come out of Akwesasne as well as a great
face-off man.
He was one of the first players to ever shoot and score with both hands.
He was always in the top five in league scoring even though he was a defensive
He was a great team leader, captured two MVP awards, for both Scoring and
Defense throughout his illustrious career.
He has one of the hardest shots in lacrosse, and has a great backhand shot.
Continues to sponsor many Minor and Junior teams in Akwesasne.
Owned, operated and coached the Valleyfield Dinomyters of the ILA Senior B
League from 1998 - 2000.
Still Coaching the Senior B Akwesasne/Snye Warriors of the Iroquois Lacrosse

Peter Vipond                                                       (BUILDER)
Brooklin 1960's - 2000's
Was the coach to beat throughout the 1980's and early 1990's.
Member of the 1967, 1968, and 1969 Minto Cup winning Oshawa Green Gaels.
Won a Minto Cup Championship in 1984 before moving on to Brooklin to coach the Redmen.
Coached and won four Mann Cups in six years - 1985, 1987, 1988, and 1990.
Most recent Mann Cup victory was in 2000.
Known for his innovative coaching style and his great interpersonal motivating
He is the Winningest Coach in Senior lacrosse history.
He has spent most of his lifetime supporting and promoting lacrosse as a player
and a coach.
He has positioned the Brooklin Redmen as a premiere Franchise over the last 20 years.

                                 2005 HALL OF FAME
Chuck Baldwin                                                (VETERAN)                                                                            
Mimico - 1930's
Top competitor on every team he played.
Played in the old Pro League of the 30's.
Paid supreme sacrifice in WWII so that others could continue to play the best game
in the World, lacrosse.
Played with such greats as "Bucko" McDonald, Bill Isaacs, Bill Fitzgerald and Gus

Ray Broadworth                                                 (BUILDER)
Gloucester - 1970's - 1980's
Founding Father of Gloucester Lacrosse Association.
Epitome of a volunteer sportsman sacrificing countless hours organizing, promoting
and rallying support and volunteers ensuring that all players had a place to play.

Doug Favell                                                    (PLAYER)
St.Catharines - 1960's - 1970's
Ontario Allstar and Leading Scorer in Jr.A from 1963 to 1966.
Scored fastest 3 goals in Minto Cup history in 11 seconds with the
Oshawa Green Gaels in 1964.
Only athlete to win the Minto Cup with Oshawa Green Gaels, and the
Memorial Cup with the Niagara Falls Flyers Jr.A Hockey Club in the same year, 1964.
Played Pro Lacrosse with Detroit Olympics, St.Catharines Golden Hawks and
Philadelphia Wings between 1968 and 1975 before he was forced to quit by 
Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club.
Voted St.Catharines Player of the Decade for the 60's and was inducted
into both the St.Catharines and Oshawa's Sports Hall of Fames.

Nelson Bally-Huff                                           (VETERAN)
Seneca Nation - 1930's - 1970's
Regarded as one of the greatest offensive players of his era.
Played Jr. with the Newtown Athletics in the late 30's and at 16
moved up to play on the men's team.
One of the first box lacrosse players to pass and shoot right handed or
left handed with equal accuracy and power.
In 1943 enterred military service to fight in WWII, serving the U.S. Navy.
Scoring Champion for 4 straight years in the North American Lacrosse
Association from 1950 to 1953 and won M.V.P. Awards in 1950 and 1951.
Served as a role model for many young players, through his dedication and
commitment to a lifestyle culture that respects and honours lacrosse as a
gift from the creator. He has carried this tradition forward as a player,
coach, fan and supporter.

Chuck Martin Jr.                                           (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1970's - 1990's
Showed natural ability on every team he played as a leader, goal scorer,
and playmaker.
Top Scorer for 5 consecutive years from 1979 to 1984.
Member of the 1978 Six Nations Lacrosse Club that participated in Commonwealth
Won the O.L.A. Senior B League M.V.P. Award and Top Scorer Award in 1982 and

Miro (Medo) Martinello                                    (BUILDER)
Windsor 1950's - 1990's)
Played for Jim Bishop in the Pro League in the 60's and was in "the top 5
players he had ever had the pleasure to coach".
Attained tremendous success as a Player, Coach and Ambassador for Canadian
lacrosse for over 55 years.
Known for his innovative coaching ideas at the professional level including
Syracuse, Quebec and Detroit.
Received Pro League Coach of the Year Award in 1975 with Quebec City and in
1991 with the Detroit Turbos.
Received national and local recognition for his involvment in lacrosse and was
the recipient of the Canadian Government 125th Medal of Confederation for
Outstanding Achievement in 1992.

Janice Mt. Pleasant                                       (BUILDER)
Six Nations 1970's - 1990's
Ambassador for Six Nations Lacrosse community for over 20 years and continues
to be active in Jr. B. Lacrosse.
Known for her knowledge and integrity.
Worked at Zone Rep, Secretary, Coach, President, Trainer, Manager and Minor
Box Official.
Involved in Six Nations Minor system from Paperweight to Junior.

Alexander Roundpoint                                        (BUILDER)
Akwesasne 1970's - Present
Has coached and managed teams at the Jr. and Sr. levels for over 25 years.
Coach of Akwesasne Thunder Sr. B and A teams from 1995 to 1999, winning
the President's Cup in both 1995 and 1997.
Coach of the Akwesasne Jr.B Lightning Lacrosse Team from 2001 to present.
2002 Recipient of the O.L.A. Jr. B Coach of the Year Award.

Joe Tomchishen                                              (PLAYER)
Etobicoke 1950's - 1970's
All-Star goalie and team leader on many championship teams.
Winner of the Minto Cup in 1952 with the Mimico Jr.A's and the Mann
Cup in 1968 with the Brooklin Redmen.
Winner of the Mike Kelly Award as M.V.P. in the 1968 Mann Cup Championship.

David P. White                                                (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1970's - 1980's
Team Captain of the Akwesasne Warriors Sr. B Team from 1977 to 1985.
Known for being extremely team oriented, high scorer, strong defender
and a solid two way player.
Won M.V.P., Leading Scorer and Most Sportsmanlike Awards in the same year.
1997 President Cup Champion with the Akwesasne Warriors.

                                 2006 HALL OF FAME
George "Spanky" Chandler                                     (PLAYER)
Orangeville 1970's - 1980's
Regarded as one of the best pure goal scorers of all time.
Junior A Rookie of the Year in 1973, Junior A leading Scorer in 1977 with Mississauga.
Top scorer in Junior A history with 406 goals.
5 time Ontario Senior B Champion with the Orangeville Northmen.
3-time winner of President's Cup, Canadian Senior B Champions with 
Orangeville Northmen in 1981, 1982 and 1984.
MVP of 1982 Presidents Cup.
1,399 total career points.

John Herd                                                   (BUILDER)
Brampton 18970's Present
Nicknamed "John the Rulebook Says"
Referee for over 30 years and still active today working on rulebooks,
handbooks, and referee training through committee's and workshops.
Huge supporter of the game and willing to help in anyway to improve
referee's program.
Received Jack Mann Award in 1991, President's Award in 1992.
Life member of Brampton Excelsior's, Life Member of the Ontario
Lacrosse Association.

Walter Joseph Deer                                          (PLAYER)
Kahnawake 1950's - 1970's
Unselfish, gifted playmaker with an accurate shot, who was innovative and
creative with his skill to find the open man.
Instumental in Senior Provincial Championship for Quebec in 1964 played at
the forum,
MVP of Thorpe-Longboat Tournament in 1964.
Willingly shared his special skills with youngsters enterring into the
ancstral sport of lacrosse volunteering with minor lacrosse association for
many years.
Worked well with the youth, instilling self-esteem in many athletes when they
needed it most.

Bryan "Riff" Jacobs                                          (PLAYER)
Kahnawake 1970's - 2000
Top goaltender in 80's and 90's.
Winner of MVP Award in Presidents Cup in 1981, 1983 and 1986.
Consistently relied upon by his teammates as the backbone to the successes that
the team achieved.
Received 12 MVP Honors as goaltender in tournaments and championships.
Humble and respectful competitor on and off the floor and a great role model
for the community.

Freeman "Screamin" Jacobs   **                               (PLAYER)
Akwesasne - 1940's - 1960's
Member of the 1956 St.Regis National Senior B Championship team.
Known for his quick-wrist goal scoring bounce shots.
Feisty player and scrappy defenseman that had a deep passion for the game.

Chuck Miller                                                 (BUILDER)
Guelph 1970's - Present
Dedicated and tireless leader and promoter of lacrosse for over 30 years.
Involved in Guelph Minor Lacrosse in every capacity including coaching, fundraising,
refereeing and as tournament convener.
Founded and operated Guelph Junior B lacrosse for over 11 years.
Involved in all aspects of lacrosse in the province serving as VP of Officiating and VP
of Coaching at the OLA level.
Served on Steering Committees with Sports Alliance of Ontario, and the Presidents of
Sports Ontario.
Instrumental in bringing Trillium funding to Ontario Lacrosse.
Ontario Lacrosse Mr.Lacrosse Award in 1999.
Longest serving President of the Ontario Lacrosse Association from 1994 to 2003.
Now serving as a Director with the Canadian Lacrosse Association.

Tom Patrick                                                    (PLAYER)
St.Catharines - 1970's - 1980's
High scorer and team leader serving as Captain of both the St.Catharines Junior A Athletics
and Brampton Excelsior's Major's.
Junior A 12th All-time Leading Top goal scorer with 295 in regular season.
Winner of Junior A Rookie of the Year and Junior A Leading Scorer in 1976.
Scored the most goals in the history of the St.Catharines Junior A Athletics.
Played in 5 Mann Cup Championships, winning in 1980 with the Brampton Excelsior's.

Jack Timlock **                                                 (VETERAN)
St.Catharines 1940's - 1960's
Part of the St.Catharines organization for over 20 years.
Played defense then switched to goaltender in 1955.
In 1958 played for Eastern Canadian Champions, Welland Crowlands.
Referee from 1963 to 1970.

                                  2007 HALL OF FAME
Joseph "Tehorahkathe" Benedict **                             (VETERAN PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1930's
Played for St.Regis Indians for a number of years in the 1930's.
Played in the 1933 National Championship.
Was a high scorer and known for his skill of ragging the ball when his team was a man down.
Coached Minor Lacrosse when he could no longer play.
Played with such notables as Angus Thomas, Louis White, John Jacobs, Angus George, Louis Sunday 
and Paul LaFrance.

Peter Berge                                                     (PLAYER)
St.Catharines 1950's - 1960's
Outstanding Junior A player for the St.Catharines Athletics in the 50's and 60's.
Was an effective team leader and high scorer as team captain and Junior A MVP.
Picked up by both the Whitby Red Wings in 1960 and the Hastings Legionnaires in 1961 
and won the Minto Cup with both teams.
Continued to play for kSt.Catharines St.Athletics and was 5th in league scoring in 1962
and 1964.
Inducted into the St.Catharines Sports Hall of Fame in 2007.

Barb Cormier                                                       (BUILDER)
Etobicoke 1970's - 2000
It was for the love of the game and the benefit of all children of Etobicoke that
she donated 25 plus years to Mimico Minor Lacrosse.
Acted as main Administrator and Fundraiser along with Ruby Lang (previously inducted).
Created new House League program and served on many boards and committees.
Received OLA Presidents Award.

Robert Cree                                                        (BUILDER)
Akwesasne 1980's - Present
Was a team leader, a defensive player and team Captain on most of the teams he played on.
After playing from an early age, he continued as a coach and manager in the Akwesasne Minor
Lacrosse system for over 16 years.
He then continued building and reviving a strong Junior B program in Akwesasne.
Received OLA Coaching Staff of the Year Award in 1997 and 2002.
Continues to encourage former players to give back to the community by coaching.

Eddie Delaronde                                                    (PLAYER)
Kahnawake - 1970's - 1980's
Goaltender for Kahnawake Mohawks Senior team.
Awarded "Career Years" Award for his lacrosse career from 1967 to 1982.
Won MVP-Best Goaltender in Onario 1971 Thorpe-Longboat Series.
Played as a stellar and fearless goaltender, very reliable and a team player.
Played with or against Frank Benedict, George Norton, John Davis, Mike Benedict,
Ernie Mitchell and Gaylord Powless.

Brian Hall                                                           (PLAYER)
Mississauga 1980's - 2000's
Great Ambassador for the game having played for over 30 years.
A strong leader, prolific scorer and an aggressive defender.
Won the Minto Cup in 1983 after being traded from Mississauga to Peterborough 
Junior A's, then went on to win the Mann Cup with the Peterborough Senior team
as a call up in the same year.
Has also won the Presidents Cup with the Owen Sound North Stars, a Mann Cup with 
the Brooklin Redmen, and the NLL's Nations Cup with the Guelph Power in 1991,
and the Buffalo Bandits in 1992, 1993 and 1996.

John Hewitt DFC **                                                   (VETERAN PLAYER)
Orillia 1930's - 1950's
Was a member of the Orillia Terriers from 1937 to 1940.
Won the Minto Cup with the Terriers in 1937 and 1940 and was named Junior A MVP in 1940.
He had superior playmaking abilities, was a strong two-way player and a consistent scorer
always being in the top 10 scorers throughout his lacrosse career.
After serving as an R.A.F. Bomber Pilot in England from 1942 to 1945 where he received the
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) he returned to continue to play for the Mimico Mountaineers
team from 1946 to 1950.
Played with or against Blaine MacDonald, Merv McKenzie, Archie and Ken Dixon and George
"Scoop" Hayes.

Darris Kilgour                                                       (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1980's - Present
Member of the 1990-91 St.Catharines Junior A Athletics winning the Mann Cup in both those years.
Leading Scorer in Junior A in 1990 and '91 and was named Junior A MVP in 1991.
Won the Mann Cup 5 consecutive years starting in 1992 and 1993 with the Brampton Excelsiors and then 
in 1994, 95, and 1996 with the Six Nations Chief's.
Was named MVP of the 1994 Mann Cup series.
Played 8 seasons for the Buffalo Bandits and was the first player ever drafted by the Bandits.
Member of all 3 Buffalo Bantit's Nation's Cup Championship teams in 1992, 93 and 1996.
He has continued giving back to the game through coaching, both the Buffalo Bandits and in the 
Junior leagues in Ontario.

Ellwood (Ted) Montour                                                  (BUILDER)
Six Nations - 1970's - Present
Coached and managed at the minor and junior levels since the 70's in Hamilton and Brantford.
Has been involved with Nepean Minor Lacrosse, Nepean Junior B and Ottawa Titans Junior A,
coaching at the minor level and handling Media Relations for the Junior Clubs.
Creator/Co Producer of the television documentary "The Gift of the Creators Game", a one hour
Documentary on the sport of Lacrosse from an Iroquoian perspective for the Aboriginal Peoples
Television Network (APTN).
Technical advisor for the PRB Media for a 13 part series "Lacrosse Goals" on APTN.
Involved in Aboriginal Constitutional negotiations from 1986 to 1992, and has served on 
numerous Goverment committee's involving First Nations relations.
In 2004 received Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA) Coaching Staff of the
Year as a member of the Carlton Juniversity staff for 3 years.
Assistant coach of the Iroquois Nationals at the World Field Lacrosse Championships in London
in 2006.

Herb Phillips                                                            (BUILDER)
Brampton 1970's - Present
Has spent 43 years with Brampton Lacrosse without missing a year starting in the Minors
in the 70's, the Junior B's in the 80's and the Junior A's from 1986 to the present.
Has been President, Manager, and Coach and a valued member of the executive.
He supported all Excelsior teams as a major fundraiser and supporter.
Very co-operative and dedicated and willing to do anything that needed to be done.
In 1993 received OLA Presidents Award and is Brampton Excelsior's Life Member.
He continues to this day helping where needed and lends a hand at the Ontario Lacrosse
Hall of Fame when needed.

                                2008 HALL OF FAME
John "Breezy" Brisbois                                       (SPECIAL CONSIDERATION - BUILDER)
Kahnawake - 1950's - 1980's
Player, coach, manager, organizer and promoter of the Creators game for which he will always be 
remembered for.
Instimental in reviving the game of lacrosse in Kahnawake in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
He created Senior Leagues, attended National Tournaments, created Minor Lacrosse Association with an
outdoor box and building, and introduced the game to Eastern Canada.
Organizer of the Thorpe-Longboat tournament where Native teams from Northshore, Nanaimo, Six Nations,
Akwesasne and Caughnawaga competed during the 60's and 70's allowing these teams to showcase their best
and compete. His influence was truly national in scope.
Respected and outstanding citizen of the Kahnawake Mohawk community.
One of the most sincere and dedicated builders of lacrosse for the benefit of the Mohawk Nation
at Kahnawake.

Joe Caruso                                                     (VETERAN PLAYER)
Brampton 1950's - 1960's
Played competitively until age 38 with the Brampton Excelsior's.
Co-Captain of the 1952 Brampton Junior A Excelsior's, the Minto Cup Champions.
Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior A MVP in 1953.
Member of the Senior A Brampton Excelsiors from 1954 to 1967.
Mann Cup finalist in 1961 and 1962.
Calvert MVP Award in 1963.

Brian Connors                                                        (BUILDER)
Akwesasne - 1970's - Present
Immeasurable passion and dedication to the Crators Game has kept him involved in lacrosse for over 35 years.
His service has spanned 3 generations as teacher and mentor for the young players, as a player, coach, and referee.
Organized school field lacrosse teams in Akwesasne and area.
Served as field lacrosse official at various High School and Division III College Lacrosse games from 1981 to 1987.
Head coach of Akwesasne Lightning Junior B team from 1995 to 1998 and received OLA "Coaching Staff of the Year" Award in 1997.
Has continued to coach with the Oneida Silverhawks Minor Lacrosse Association in the North American Minor Lacrosse League.


Bob Hamley                                                              (PLAYER)
Fergus 1980's - 2000's
Good Ambassador of the game playing competitively for over 20 years.
Great offensive threat, known to score big goals.
Member of the 1982 Founders Cup Champions, Owen Sound Junior B.
OLA Junior B MVP in 1984 playing with Owen Sound Junior B.
1986 Junior B Top Scorer with Kitchener Junior B's scoring 82 goals and 111 assists for
a total of 193 points.
Member of the 1988 Presidents Cup Champions, the Fergus Thistles, and was the Senior B MVP in 1988.
Played Pro with the Buffalo Bandits in the NLL from 1992 to 1995.
Currently the Head Coach of the Edmonton Rush in the NLL.

Oliver Hill                                                            (VETERAN PLAYER)
Onondaga 1970's - 1980's
Playing career spanned 4 decades in both field and box lacrosse in Onondaga, Syracuse, Rochester, Six Nations
and Akweseasne.
Was a star player on every team he played and won titles in all leagues he played.

Terry Lloyd                                                               (BUILDER)
Oshawa - 1970's - Present
Has been the driving force behind the Oshawa Blue Knights Field Lacrosse Associations growth from 1 team in 1979
to over 12 teams today.
Involved in every part of the game as manager, coach, and executive member and organized every detail from behind the 
Ontario Junior Field Commissioner and Treasurer from 1995 to present.
Ontario Minor Field Lacrosse Secretary from 1998 to present.
Instrumental in getting field lacrosse started in Durham region.
Involved with Canadian Junior Field teams from 1988 to the present.
Aided the Oshawa Blue Knights with winning numerous Provincial and Canadian Field Lacrosse Championships.
Presented with the Ken Murray Award from the OLA, given to the Minor Lacrosse individual whose unselfish 
motivations are demonstrated by the dedication of their efforts in "Helping the Kids".

Randy Mearns                                                                (PLAYER)
St.Catharines - 1980's - 2000's
Played numerous years at the highest levels in Junior, Major and Pro.
An offensive and defensive specialist and strong team leader.
Member of the 1990 Minto Cup Champions, the St.Catharines Athletics.
1990 MVP in a Minto Cup series, and awarded 1990 E.W. Billy Evans Trophy for
Top Graduating Player in Junior A.
Winner of 5 consecutive Mann Cups, 2 years with Brampton Excelsior's in 1992 and 93,
and 3 years with the Six Nations Chiefs in 1994, 95 and 96.
Played Pro lacrosse with the Six Nations Chiefs in 1994, 95, and 96.
Played pro lacrosse with Rochester from 1993 to 2002.
Assistant Coach of the 2006 World Champions Filed Lacrosse Team Canada.
Continues to give back to the game as a coach for Canisius College.

Larry "Wamper" Power                                                      (SPECIAL CONSIDERATION - BUILDER)
Oshawa 1960's - Present
Has spent endless hours researching the history of lacrosse and compiling statistics from years and years of research.
Unofficial historian from 1963 to the present.
Created the "Bible of Lacrosse" website where every player's stats are listed and recorded.
Has recorded Senior/Major stats from 1931, Senior B from 1961, Junior A from 1961 and Junior B from 1966.
OLA Statistician for 4 years from 1988 to 1991.
Received Special Media Award in 1989 in appreciation for outstanding contribution to the promotion of lacrosse in Ontario.
Official historian for the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum from 2003 to present.
He has insured that all outstanding feats and the history of the many great players are now permanently recorded so that
future generations can read and take pride in the history of Canada's National Summer Sport.

Gerry Ravary **                                                               (BUILDER)
Whitby 1950's - 2000's
Was involved in every facet of the game as a player, coach, manager, executive member and a referee
from 1954 to 1976, including the National Lacrosse League from 1970 to 1974.
One of the highlights of his professional career was refereeing the final game between Quebec City
and Montreal in front of a sellout crowd.
Major Commissioner for the OLA in 1984 and 1985.
Helped rebuild Brooklin Merchants Lacrosse Club where he served as manager and president.
Received the OLA Presidents Award in 1997.
Inducted into the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.
Supervisor of Referees for the OLA in 2005.
Continually promoted the game of lacrosse and encouraged young people to join the game he loved.

Steve Thomas                                                                 (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1960's - 1970's
Played on championship teams with the St.Regis Junior Braves in 1969, 70 and 71.
Canadian Junior B finalist in 1971.
Known as a hard rock defenceman, played for Ross Powless in 1971 and 1972 on the Rochester
Drafted by Montreal in the National Lacrosse League.
Continued to play on many Championship teams in the Quebec Senior League, the Akwesasne Warriors, 1973 through 1978.
Winner of the John Ferguson Best Defenseman Trophy 3 times.

                                2009 HALL OF FAME
Gilbert Bomberry                                             (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1960's to 1970's
Top scorer with Six Nations-Brantford Braves in Junior B's with 112 points and the Guelph Mohawks
Junior A's with 80 points in the 60's.
Member of the Presidents Cup Championship team, the Brantford Warriors in 1967 and 1969.
One of the last active lacrosse icons from the past in Six Nations.
A role model for younger generations by continuing to teach, coach and give back to the game of

Larry Galbraith                                               (BUILDER)
Fergus 1970's to Present
Creditting with being able to motivate the masses, working with numerous people, sharing his
organizional skills and fund-raising ideas to get the job done.
Helped rebuild Fergus Minor Lacrosse in the late 80's as President.
His love of the game has kept him involved as an Executive member of both the Minor and Senior 
Thistles for over 35 years.
Received the Fergus Recreation Award in 1992.

Sherwin Paul Henhawk                                            (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1970's to 1980's
Was a high scoring, hard working player that played all his junior and senior lacrosse in Six Nations.
Team leader always helping his teammates and never quit.
Was an all around player that played offensively when needed and as a hard nosed defenseman.
Won Rookie of the Year, Leading Scorer, MVP and All around Player with the Six Nations Senior teams.
Great Ambassador that never let the game carry over off the floor, always shaking hands before and after
every game.

Mark Jacobs                                                    (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1970's to 1990's
Remembered by his coaches as being one of the most versatile players and for having the heart and the head
for the game of lacrosse.
Had the ability to apply speed, agility and extra stick skills that made him a dominent defense man.
Played Junior B with Akwesasne and Kingston and Senior B with the Akwesasne Warriors where they were Can-Am
East Champions and Quebec League Champions.
As a player he achieved many positive experiences to give him that "lacrosse for life" foundation and he 
continues to devote his time to coaching and managing youth teams in Eastern Ontario.
Believes he has a special responsibility to deliver and develop appropriate positive attitudes toward the sport
of lacrosse.

Derek Keenan                                                 (PLAYER)
Oshawa 1970's to Present
Played 7 years of Junior A with the Oshawa Green Gaels from 1976 to 1982 where he was an all around dedicated, great
player who's scoring stats were spectacular and his defensive skills were well known.
Winner of Dennis McIntosh Trophy as Junior A MVP in 1979.
2nd All-Time Career Playmaker in a Junior A series with 440 Assists, 7th All-Time Career Goal Scorer in a Junior A series
with 317 goals, and 3rd All-Time Career Points in a Junior A series with 757 points.
As a member of the Brooklin Redmen Major team for 9 years he was the League Leading Scorer and MVP in 1987 and 1988.
Went on to play professional lacrosse with the Buffalo Bandits where he won the NLL Rookie of the Year in 1992 and has won the 
coveted Champions Cup in the NLL 5 times, twice as a player with Buffalo and 3 times as an Assistant Coach with the Toronto Rock
alongside Les Bartley and Ed Comeau in 2000, 2002, and 2003.
He has continued to give back to the game he loves at all levels, coaching Minor lacrosse in Whitby, Team Ontario in Peewee and
Bantam and currently is the coach of the Edmonton Rush in the NLL.

Zenon Lipinski                                               (PLAYER)
Brampton 1970's to Present
Played Junior A in Brampton and Major lacrosse in Brantford where he was a member of the Mann Cup Championship team the Brantford 
Warriors in 1971.
Remembered for his leadership qualities, his defensive prowess and his ability to put the ball in the net.
Played pro lacrosse in Philadelphia in 1974 and 1975 serving as Assistant Captain.
Has been a great ambassador of the game and has made contributions to lacrosse not only as a player but has coached at many levels.
He has been instrumental in bringing the Brampton Junior A organization back to the forefront as a competitive club in the Junior A
ranks in Ontario.
Served as an Executive Member, Preisdent and General Manager for over 20 years.

Bob Luey                                                     (BUILDER)
St.Catharines - 1970's to Present
Has spent over 25 years as a Coach, Executive Member, Manager,, and Junior A League Council Executive member.
As a builder he has coached minor lacrosse and has been a member of the Board of Directors.
Given the "Old Boys Award" by St.Catharines Minor lacrosse for Dedication to the Promotion of Lacrosse.
In 1990 moved to the ranks of the Junior Athletics, winning the Minto Cup as Vice President in 1990.
He continued as Treasurer, Sponsor, and General Manager for many more years,, again the winner of the Minto Cup
in 2001 and 2003.
Received the Jack Gateliff Award as the St.Catharines Sportsman of the Year in 1998.
Continues to be involved with the Junior A Council and always places the direction of the council to the forefront
of his agenda.

Michael Montour                                                    (BUILDER)
Six Nations 1980's to Present
Dedicated, patient coach to all ages and a role model to many young players stressing the importance of dedication to
aaend every practice and game.
He installs the spirit, heart and passion fo the game of lacrosse to all he coaches.
As coach of the Six Nations Junior A Arrows in 1998, he won the Ontario Championship and a trip to the Minto Cup in Burnaby.
From 2001 to 2004 he coached Six Nations Junior B Rebels to the Ontario Finals.
Was Assistant Coach of the Spartan Junior B's in 2005 and 2006.

Ronald "Rooney" Roundpoint **                                       (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1940's to 1950's
Very good player known for having a very accurate shot, an excellent passer and played both ends of the floor.
Played for the St.Regis Indians of the late 40's and 50's that were frequent winner of Eastern Ontario
Having been raised on Cornwall Island he grew up around lacrosse and his father's, Frank Roundpoints Lacrosse Stick factory.
He evolved into an expert carver of hickory lacrosse sticks and continued making them the rest of his life.

Wally Thorne **                                                        (VETERAN PLAYER)
St.Catharines - 1950's - 1960's
Consistent high scoring, two way player in the 50's and 60's.
Played for the St.Catharines Athletics Junior A's from 1956 to 1960 where he was team captain.
Won a Minto Cup with Brampton Junior A's in 1959 and was a Minto Cup finalist with Whitby in 1960
as a pickup for both teams.
Junior A Lacrosse Most Valuable Player in 1960.
Played Major lacrosse with St.Catharines from 1960 to 1965. The Senior Athletics were Mann Cup finalists in 1963.
Played Pro lacrosse with Detroit in 1967 and 68.



                                2010 HALL OF FAME
Ralph Alfred                                                 (PLAYER)
Kahnawake 1950's to 1960's
A true sportsman playing in the 50's and 60's in Ontario and Quebec Senior leagues.
Dedicated defenseman always protecting his territory fell.
Respected team leader who didn't hesitate to come to the aid of any teammate.
Member of the 1964 Quebec Senior Championship team, the Chaughnawaga Indians.
MVP of the Quebec Senior league in 1964.

George "Potsy" Burrows                                       (BUILDER)
Brampton 1940's  to 1960's
Has been involved in lacrosss since 1926 at the age of 8 and is still involved today
84 years later.
His involvement in the game has ranged from being a goaltender for Brampton in Minor Field to
Senior Box, a referee for over 20 years and a longtime Director of the Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse
Instrumental in starting Lakeshore Lacrosse League with Jim Clevely and Billy Evans where he drove
players then refereed the games for free.
Honourary member of the Brampton Old Timers Association.
Inducted to the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame as a Veteran in 2010.

Bill Gerrie                                                      (PLAYER)
Burlington 1970's to 1990's
Career as a goaltender spanned over 21 years playing at every level.
Played in Junior C in Orangeville in the 70's and went to play Junior A
and Major for Brampton Excelsiors, Fergus Thistles and the Six Nations Chiefs in
the summer leagues.
Goaltender for the Buffalo Bandits from 1992 to 1995.
Member of the MLL Championship team, the Buffalo Bandits in 1992 and 1993.
Winner of the Harry Lumley Award for Outstanding Goaltender in Major and MVP of
5 Mann Cup games.

David "Chuggo" Jacobs                                             (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1960's to Present
Dedicated goaltender in minor, junior and senior lacrosse.
Known for his outstanding athleticism and as a top goaltender
throughout his career.
Played on many Championship teams in Akwesasne throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's.
Was a perfectionist in his craft and was known to possess a harder shot than  many players.
MVP in Junior lacrosse with the St.Regis Braves and Top Goalie with the Akwesasne Warriors 
of Senior Lacrosse for 4 c onsecutive years from 1977 to 1980.

Mark Kazarian                                                       (PLAYER)
Owen Sound 1970's to 1990's
Top goal scorer in senior lacrosse capturing league scoring titles in 1977 and 78.
Became known as a defensive specialist later in his career.
Would play any roll his club needed him to play to achieve team success.
Team leader named Captain every year by his peers.
2 time MVP and played Major and Senior from 1979 to 1992.
Member of 1989 Presidents Cup Championship team, the Owen Sound Northstars also playing in the Mann Cup with the Brooklin Redmen
in the same year.
Great Ambassador for the game of lacrosse.

Ron "Putsy" Landoni **                                               (VETERAN)
Fergus 1940's to 1960's
Started playing Senior lacrosse in 1949 with the Thistles while playing also with Hamilton, Acton and Six Nations.
One of the most competitive players to pull on a Thistles jersey.
Member of the 1954 Senior B Championship team, the Fergus Thistles.
As team captain for many years, he was always in the top 5 scorers.
"Putsy" was the first non-Native to play with the Brantford Warriors.
Member of the Fergus Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

James "Jimmy Flo" McComber                                            (BUILDER)
Kahnawake - 1940's to 2000's
Started playing in 1945 until the early 2000's
Loved the game as a player but proved it even more in the latter years as an owner, coach and manager.
Known as a very devoted, dedicated life-time contributor to the game.
Always willing to share his knowledge and expertise for the game of Tewa'ara:ton.
Made and repaired wooden lacrosse sticks of an era gone by.
Known for keeping the game of lacrosse alive in Kanhnawake.

Lindsay Sanderson                                                       (BUILDER)
Orangeville 1970's to Present
Has made and continues to make a significant contribution to the game of lacrosse in Ontario.
Held key positions in Minor lacrosse from Director to President since the 70's and was instrumental in 
turning around Orangeville Minor Lacrosse in the 80's, developing into one of the premiere associations
in Ontario.
Coached at every level of Minor, Junior, Major and the NLL.
At the Junior and Major levels, he has been Assistant Coach on 3 Minto Cup teams in Orangeville and a Mann Cup team in Brampton.
OLA Junior A Coach of the Year with the Orangeville Coaches in 1995 and winner of the OLA Mr Lacrosse Award in 1995.
In many years as Coach or General Manager of numerous championship teams his total's 12 Minor Ontario Championships,
14 Junior, Senior and Major Championships and 7 National Championships.
As a player was always a team leader, fierce competitor and leading scorer, won 6 consecutive Ontario Championships in Senior B
in the 80's and 3 Presidents Cups with the Orangeville Northmen in 81, 82 and 84.


                               2011 HALL OF FAME
Fred "Frip" Harrison **                                      (VETERAN PLAYER)
Mimico 1930's - 1950's   
Played 17 years of Senior A lacrosse.
Played 215 regular season games and backstopped 2 Mann Cup winning teams in 1932 and 1948.
First team Allstar in 1938 and Second team Allstar in 1940 behind Legendary goalie Bill Whittaker.
Played with or against Ken Dixon, Bill Isaccs, Archie Dixon, Gord and Norman Gair, Pug Morton
and Jim McMahon.
Doug Hill                                                      (PLAYER)
Six Nations 1970's - 1990's
Outstanding goaltender that gave respect and earned respect from all he played with or against.
Displayed the highest level of sportsmanship and played to his highest ability every time he stepped in the net.
Moved the ball well averaging 35 points a season.
Drefted by the Brampton Excelsiors in 1985 and professionally by the Buffalo Renegades in 1991.
President's Cup Gold Medalist ana MVP.
Alfred "Alf" Jaques                                               (BUILDER)
Onondaga 1960's - 2000
Grew up in the world of lacrosse and learned the art of making lacrosse sticks from his father and fellow Inductee
Louie Jacques.
Played Junior, Senior and Professional lacrosse in the 60's and 70's.
Coached and managed the Onondaga Red Hawks from 2002 to 2010.
In 2005, 2006 & 2010 coached the Red Hawks to the league championships and represented the league at the Presidents Cup.
Winner as Coach and Manager of the 2010 Presidents Cup.
Alf is an educator about the time=honoured Native Traditional art form of Lacrosse Stick Making, which connects the
player to the enviornment.
He continues  his Father's legacy by creating one of a kind Wooden sticks as well as recreations of the wooden sticks
his ancestors used in the 15th century.
John "Jack" McGregor                                                 (BUILDER)
Owen Sound 1960's-1980's
Been involved in Owen Sound lacrosse for over 40 years.
Reciprient of the Honorary Citizen Award in 1984 and the OLA  Presidents Award for his commitment and service
to the lacrosse community in the mid 80's.
Since 1967 served in all positions from trainer to club President.
Guided 3 Presidents Cup teams in 1979, 1980 and 1989.
Was insturmental in getting the team through some lean years after the 1980 Presidents Cup. After the city demolished the arena 
of the times to build Bayshore Community Centre, he worked tirelessly to ensure the team conitnued to operate during construction.
His professionalism and personality ensured that the North Stars maintained a competitive edge in the Major loop.
Greg Tarbell                                                          (PLAYER)
Akwesasne 1970's - 1980's
After being both High School All American and University Third Team All American at Syracuse Univeristy he adapted to the box game.
Played professsionally for the Syracuse Spirit and was an original member Of the Iroquois National team in the 80's.
He was an offensive force described as "having a shot so fierce he could sometimes rip the net".
Member of 3 championship teams in the 80's, the Corwall Island Thunder, the Akwesasne Warriors and the Valleyfield Dynamo's.
Had the ability to turn the game around with his speed and ability to score from any position.
John B. Walker  **                                                      (BUILDER)
Burlington  1980's - 2000's
Was involved in the game for over 35 years during which he was instrumental in the growth of lacrosse in Burlington.
His greatest contribution and major strength has been the number of player's, parents and volunteers he brought into lacrosse.
Held various positions on the BMLA from Coach and Administrator to President.
His undying love of the game, was infectious and he had an innate ability to motivate evryone around him.
Despite physical limitations he continued to be involved with the Chiefs Junior A team and was a member of the OLA Junior A Council.

David "The Fong" Wilfong                                                 (PLAYER)
Brampton 1960's - 1980's
Involved for over 50 years and a recipient of numerous awards throughout his stellar career.
MVP in 1968 with the Junior A excelsiors
Member of the 1974 National Lacrosse Championship Team, the Rochester Griffins.
Member of the 1972 Presidents Cup Champions, the Brampton Excelsiors.
Winner of the 1976 Mann Cup with the New Westminster Salmonbellies.
Known as a tough all around player, defensively and offensively.
Has given back to the game coaching Junior A for 7 years and Senior A for 15 years.
Still actively involved today coaching minor lacrosse in Langley, BC.

Tom "Slick" Wreggitt                                                     (PLAYER)
Oshawa 1970's - 1990's
One of the most prolific players in the history of the game.
Played 7 years of Junior A and more than 20 years of Major lacrosse.
Accomplished player who had the respect of both his teammates and opponents.
Fierce competitor, team leader and a true gentlmena on and off the floor who was often chosen as captain
or assistant captain.
Played 169 Junior A games, 10th in All time Junior A Goals with 304 and 15th in All time Junior A points with 565.
Played 20 seasons of Major lacrosse from 1979 to 1999 and was top ten in scoring for 11 of those seasons.
Member of the Brooklin Redmen Mann Cup Championship teams in 1985, 87, 88 and 1990.
Member of the Guelph Power NLL Championship team in 1991.
Played more than 500 games amassing 730 goals, 915 assists for a total of 1643 points.

                               2012 HALL OF FAME
Bill Armour                                                             (PLAYER)
Bill Armour of Peterborough was elected in Player Category. Bill was always among top scorers in 
the League.  He was tough as both a lacrosse player and hockey player. Member of Oshawa Green 
Gaels Minto Cup Champs 1963-64-65 and Peterborough Lakers that won the Mann Cup in 1966. Bill 
was a prolific scorer racking up 139 point in 18 games in 1965 with the Hasting Legionnaires and was 
the leading scorer in the Junior A League. In 1969 he earned the honour of MVP in the Senior A 
League. Bill represented Canada on the National field team in the World Championship Tournament 
in 1967 and played pro lacrosse for the Peterborough Lakers in 1968 and Toronto Tomahawks in 
1974.  He was inducted into the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Peterborough Sports 
Hall of Fame in 2004.  Executive member of the Peterborough PCO team that won the Minto Cup in 

David Hall - St.Catharines                                              (VETERANS CATEGORY)
Dave Hall of St. Catharines elected in the Veteran Category.  Dave was a very proficient two- way 
player.  He was always in the top 4 of team scoring. Dave was St. Catharines A’s top scores with 65 
goals in 1956. Dave has had a long and dedicated lacrosse career. He always had a burning passion 
for the game at the highest competitive levels.  He was known as a very special team player with the 
innate ability to both score and set up others.  He played in two Mann Cup Finals in 1958 and 1968, 
and held the highest scoring in a single game (6 goals) against Pat Baker in Peterborough.  After 
graduating from Jr. A, Dave played 5 years for the Athletics Senior A team.  In 1958 he was a 
member of the Welland Switson who were Eastern Canadian Champs.  He was a member of the Port 
Credit Sailors, the Detroit Olympics in 1968 who were coached by Jim Bishop to an Eastern 
Canadian Championship.  He finished is illustrious careers playing for the Rochester Iroquois 
coached by Ross Powless in 1969 where they were North American League Champions, and was a 
player/coach in his final year in 1970.  Played with or against such notables as Peter Conradi, Nip 
O’Hearn, Bobby Allen, Gary Moore, Ron Roy, Ted Howe and Ross Powless.                                            

Pat "Wheels" MacKenzie  - Fergus                                       (BUILDERS CATEGORY)
Pat “Wheels” Mackenzie of Fergus elected in the Builder Category.  Pat has been involved at the 
team and league level executive positions, and “Wheels” is known around the rinks in Ontario as a 
top notch trainer for her home town players in the community of Centre Wellington.  Pat has been 
involved in lacrosse since 1979 to present.  She served as the Fergus Thistles President, with stints 
as the President of Fergus Minor.  She was a trainer for the Fergus Thistles Senior Club, and 
equipment manager, while still actively involved on the executive.  She has been busy keeping her 
Elora Mohawks Junior B in game shape, since 1996 and also served for a period with Six Nations 
team as their trainer. “Wheels” is a tireless worker including duties for fundraising, painting floor 
creases, equipment and trainer.  In between taping, ensuring the equipment was just right  for her 
beloved teams, she found time to also run the booster club for the Thistles.  She was the recipient of 
a number awards from Zone 8 for her dedication. She also has been recognized with special gifts & 
trophies that both the executive and players bestowed upon her.  She was also honoured with the 
Mickey Fleming-Executive of the year award.

Joe McNeill - ** St.Catharines                                          (BUILDER)
Joe McNeil* (deceased) of St. Catharines elected in the Builders Category.  Joe has served in many 
capacities in the game.  He has been a team executive, team Manager, league executive and an 
Ontario Lacrosse Association Vice President.  In total he gave more than 35 years to our sport.  From 
the time Joe moved to the Niagara region he was always known as a continuous builder and 
supporter of all forms of lacrosse.  He always stood up for his beliefs and always encouraged others 
to do the same.  He was a founding member of the St. Catharines Athletics and many in the 
community believe that there would likely never have been a Junior A” team in St Catharines if not for 
his hard work and dedication to bringing Junior A to the Niagara region. He was an avid fundraiser for 
the team be it sponsorships, working Bingo’s or lotteries. He served on the Point Edward executive 
for several years; He was GM of Niagara Jr. B Warriors, St. Catharines Jr. A President and GM and a 
board member of the St. Catharines Minor Lacrosse Association. Even after assuming the duties as 
the O.L.A. Vice President, Joe continued to be an active member in both the Jr. A and Jr. B programs 
in Niagara.  Joe was one of the founding members of the OLA Hall of Fame and Museum..

Gil Nieuwendyk - Mississauga                                           (PLAYER)
Gil Nieuwendyk of Mississauga elected in the Players Category.  Gil began his illustrious career 
playing Junior B in 1977-1978 in Ajax. In 1979 he moved to the Junior A ranks in Whitby where he 
was a member of the 1980 Minto Cup team.  Upon Graduation from Junior A he was a member of 
those powerful Brooklin Redmen teams of the 80’s era.  Gil was a member of the 1985, 1987, and 
1988 Mann Cup championship teams and served as Captain of the Brooklin Redmen during at least 
one of those Mann Cup championship teams. He won the Gene Dopp Memorial Trophy in 1983 as 
Outstanding Rookie in the OLA Major Series, and was twice honoured as the winner of the Bucko 
McDonald Trophy as top scorer in the OLA Major Series in 1983 & 1985.  Gil has the distinction of 
being a top ten scorer for six straight years in MSL from 1983 to 1988. He has played with or against 
such notables as Derek Keenan, Jim Wasson, John Grant, Jim J.J. Johnston, Paul Evans and Phil 
Scarfone.  Gil has remained actively involved in coaching Minor lacrosse in both box and field.

Don Stinson  **                                                        (SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR CATEGORY)
Don Stinson* (Deceased) of Huntsville elected in the Special Contributor Category. Don has the 
distinction of being the only player to ever play on seven consecutive Minto Cup winning teams with 
the Oshawa Green Gaels 1963-1969.  This is a record that will most likely never be broken.  He 
scored 31 goals as a fourteen year old Junior A rookie in 1963.  He also was the second top scorer in 
the playoff that year for the 1963 Minto Cup winning Oshawa Green Gaels.  Don played for Huntsville 
and Jim Bishop on Ontario Championship teams for six straight years.  In 1957 and 1958 he won an 
Ontario Novice A championship, 1959 & 1960 brought two Peewee A championships, in 1961 & 1962 
he won 2 more Ontario Bantam A championships.  These 6 were then followed up by 7 more straight 
Minto Cup Championship.  This brought the consecutive total to 13 straight championships during his 
career.   Don was known to his team mates as a big strong defensive minded player who could also 
contribute goals when they were needed.  Don played with or against such notables as Johnny Davis, 
Ron MacNeil, Butch Keegan, Merv Marshall, Larry Lloyd and Gaylord Powless.

                               2013 HALL OF FAME
Barry Alfred
Barry Alfred of Kahnawake was elected in the Player Category. Barry is a role model when it comes
to the game of lacrosse. His experience and knowledge of the game is beyond ordinary. He is able
to oversee and adapt to the evolution of the game. Barry is a dominant righty and had an uncanny 
ability to "see the floor" Barry knew both when to make beautiful passes, and he certainly could
put the ball in the net. Not only did he score goals and make great passes, he would also drop the
gloves if necessary to defend his team when warranted. Barry was named team captain numerous times
in his career. He led by example and was well respected by his teammates for his ability to bring 
out the best in those around him.  In 1977-78 he won the "Top Player of Quebec" award, and also
capped it with a 150 point season that earned him the most Valuable Player Award. Barry alsways sat
at the top of the leader board, and earned several MVP's, All Star Nominations at the President Cup
and Leading Scorer Awards. Barry also lead the Kahnawake Chiefs to the Master National Canadian 
Championship title. He turned to coaching in 1996 as head coach of the Kahnawake Sr. B. Mohawks
and continued until 2009 where he led them to league titles and seven Presidents Cup appearances.
Barry coached the team to a Silver Medal in 2004 and four bronze medals. He played with or against 
such notables as Brian Jacobs, Lois Delisle, Ernie Mitchell, Gallas Thomas, Barry Powless, Mike
Benedict Sr. and Gaylord Tomas to name a few.
Brian "BA" Allen (Desceased)
Brian "BA" Allen (Deceased) of St.Catharines elected to the Builders Category. Brian was actively
involved in a multitude of "builder roles" in St.Catharines Lacrosse. He was a team executive, manager,
coach, League executive and General Manager. He began in St.Catharines Minor system where he served 
as a long time coach and director starting in 1977. In 1985 he moved up to the Junior A ranks of the
Athletics where he held the positions of Director, President and General Manager until 1996. As the GM 
and President he bought home two Minto Cups for the city and fans of St.Catharines in 1990 & 1991. 
Those championship teams are still very special to this day with so many of those players he mentored
giving back to our game. He was a tireless worker and a great mentor to notable players like Steve Toll,
Randy Mearns, Patrick McCready and coaches like Paul Day. Brian taught those players how to work with
young lacrosse players and be a role model in everyday life. In 1997 Brian became the President and
GM of the Niagara Falls Gamblers who became the Mann Cup Finalists that same year. He was the co-founder
"legends of our Game" the lacrosse marking initiative that saw the publication of a souvenir book, 
created to honor the "Legends" of all major lacrosse centres in Ontario, and "Friends of Lacrosse
Foundation" the initiative that saw a significant amount of monies raised for Minor lacrosse in Ontario
through stategic lacrosse merchandising. Brian has been the recipient of the OLA Promotion and Development
Award and a Mr.Lacrosse "Tip Teather" Award.
Randall "Man" Jacobs (Deceased)
Randall "Man" Jacobs (Deseased) of Akwesasne elected in the Builer Category. Randall became a trainer
at the age of 21 and pursued this passion for 38 years. He utilized his skills for many teams year
round both in lacrosse and hockey. He was passionate of the game of lacrosse and provided athletic 
training to hundreds of people for three and a half decades. "Man" thoroughly knew the game of lacrosse
as well as looking after players physical well being. He was considered a mentor by many players
associated with him. Randall trained for a number of years for a number of teams, notably the Akwesasne 
Warriors, Akwesasne Outlaws, Jr. B Lightning, Jr. A Indians, Thunderbirds, the Akwesasne Attack along 
with many minor teams. His love of looking after injuries provided inspiration to his daughter, Tisha
who is a registered nurse in Canada and trained under her father. Through him she is an active leader
in providing firel lacrosse to both boys and girls. His love of the game knew no boundaries and he 
and his bride attended a lacrosse game on their wedding night. Even on the day he Randall he had to
watch his grandson Rohoades Tarbell play varsity lacrosse for his Massena Central High school. Notable 
players he trained were Hall of Famers David White, Mike Benedict, Paul Angus, David Sunday, Robert
Seymour, Ron Cree and Steve Thomas to name a few.
Chuck Li
Chuck Li of Oshawa was elected in the Player Category. Chuck developed his skills in the Cornwall Minor
Lacrosse Association beginning as a nine year old. Although small of stature he was known for playing
lacrosse like a big man, never afraid of anyone, he led by example on and off the floor. As far back
as his first year as a junior player in Cornwall he was able to perform undaer any pressure. Being a 
captain of any team is a distinguished honour itself but to be made captain at the age of 16 spoke 
volumes on what coaches and fellow players thought of Chuck. He was known to have the ability to control
the play, scoerer, be a team leader, and an excellent playmaker. All these attributes followed him at
all levels of lacrosse from Junior "B" to Professional. He has been recognized with many special awards
and recognitions from 1964 onward. Chuck was a leading scorer in ELA Junior B League, Top Amateur
Lacrosse Player in ELA, Ontario Junior B Champion in 1966 when they defeated the Dixie Combines. Chuck
followed this up with two Minto Cup Championships in 1968 and 1969 with the Oshawa Green Gaels. In
1969 he was the leading scorer for the Gaels, 2nd in league scoring, best shooting percentage in OLA
Junior A league and the Winner of the OLA Junior "A" Ken Ross Trophy for Ability and Sportsmanship. In
1970 and 1971 he played for the Brooklin Redmen where he earned 1st team All Star honours and 2nd in
team scoring each of those years. Chuck was a first round draft choice of the Toronto Tomahawks Pro
Lacrosse Team in 1974 where he led the league with a 42.2% shooting percentage. Chuck had been honoured
with inductions into the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian lacrosse Hall of Fame as a member
of he Oshawa Green Gaels. He was also honoured with induction in to the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame. 
Chuck continues to support the Gaels alumni on all of their various fundraising activiities. Chuck
played with or against such notables as Bob Hanna, Gaylord Powless, Johnny Davis, Bill Coghill, Jim 
Higgs to name a few.
The Rohmers
The Rohmers of Hamilton will be inducted in the Veteran Category. Bob, Matt and Jack played for the 
Hamilton Tigers who won the Mann Cup in 1933 Stars of the Mann Cup competition of 1933 were the 
Rohmerites. Ernie who managed the farm, Bob a brilliant Goaltender, Jack raised as one of the most
effective players ever and Matt a rover on the field was selected to play lacrosse with the Canadian
Olympic team in 1932.
The Hamilton Tigers road to the Mann Cup:
    . Defeated the Orillia Terriers for the Ontario Championship
    . Defeated Mount Dennis to become the Eastern Canadian Champions
    . Won Sudden Death games at Fort William, Winnipeg and Calgary
    . Defeated New Westminster Salmonbellies three games to two in winning the Mann Cup in B.C.
Travis Solomon (Deceased)
Travis Solomon (Deceased) of Akwesanse elected in the player category. Travis was known as one of
the hardest workers in transitioning his game from field lacrosse to box lacrosse. He was a composite
team player and team mate to all who knew him. A team leader brought a professional attitude to
every game he participated in and always tweaked his game to be better that the previous game. Member
of the Iroqois National in 1984 at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the Goodwill Tour in 1985 in
Manchester, England, World Lacrosse Invitational in 1986 in Buffalo, N.Y., World Lacrosse Championship
in 1990 and in 2006 in Pertth Australia and London Ontario respectively. Travis played from 1976 to 
2006 a span of 30 years. He started as a Goalie at Lafayette High school from 76-78 where he was honoured
as the NYSLA Goalie and went on to start at Cobbleskill Jr. College and then attended Syracuse University
as an NCAA Division I Goalie. After graduation he played for the Onondaga Athletics for a number of years
as their Sr. goalie along with Akwesasne Thunder, the Valleyfield Dynomites, the Akwesasne Outlaws and
the Kahnawake Chiefs in 2002 and 2005 winning two Canadian Masters Championships. He continued as the
Kahnawake Mohawks in 2006. He was a member of the 1983 NCCA Championship in Syracuse University, and 
captured a Presidents Cup in 1997 as a member of the Akwesasne Thunder. During his playing career Travis 
was bestowed the honour of All American in both 1982 and 1983. In Los Angeles as a member of the Iroquois
Nationals he was awarded the Top Goalie Award. In his final year with the Iroqouis Nations he was
recognized as the Festival Team MVP Goalie at the age of 46. Since his playing retirement he coached minor 
lacrosse, and became a spokesman for Tradional people and culture of the Creator's Game. Travis played
with or against such notables as Travis Cook, Greg Tarbell, Stan Cockerton, John Tavares, Casey Powell
and Reggie Thorpe to name a few. 
                               2014 HALL OF FAME
Louis Delistle
Louis Delistle of Kahnawake is elected in the Player/Builder Category. Louie is the perfect gentleman.
He was a star player with Kahnawake's junior and senior teams for many years, he graced the game with
dignity, humility and passion. He coached it with efficiency and taught it with respect and class. Louis
was always far more concerned by the "state of the game: rather than with his own performances, which
were always outstanding none-the-less. Those who were privleged to see him play will always remember
his ability to dash speedily out of traffic to produce a breakaway and unleashing his patented slight
sidearm shot, connecting with the utmost top corner of the net. After his playing days ended Louie then
spent many years sharing, his knowledge and love of the game to the youth in his community. His 
fingerprints dot the quality of the game in Kahnawake today. Louie was either a tesm captain or assistant 
from 73-97, team top scorer in 73, 78, 79 & 80 and appeared in 5 Presidents Cups. He played with or 
against  greats, John Davis, Gaylord Powless, Bruce Roundpoint , Eddie Delaronde, Barry Alfred, and Stan
Joseph Sr. in B.C.
Ted Howe Jr.
Ted Howe Jr. - of St. Catharines is elected in the Builder Category. Ted is still actively involved in the
game in his home town of St. Catharines. He started in 1976 as both a Coach and executive member of the Minor
Association. He was active in those roles in both the rep and houseleague level for 20 years. He became
President of the St. Catharines Master Lacrosse in 1990 and fulfilled that role until 1996, when the lure of
Field Lacrosse brought him back as a coach and executive member for the next eight years. He is 31 year
longstanding member and secretary of the St. Catharines Old Boys Lacrosse Association and continues his
involvement with the Old Boys today.
He is also an executive member and Secretary of the Junior A Athletics presently.
Ted Jr. is known as a caring family man-carrying on in the footsteps of his father (Ted Sr.) & uncles. He has a
natural ability to organize and work in partnership with fellow lacrosse people. Ted is known for being
knowledgeable of the game and having the uncanny ability to come up with many ideas for marketing and
improving the game.
He passed on his families passion for the game to his son who player Jr. A Lacrosse and was rewarded with a
scholarship at Cornell University, and to his daughter who also plays. Ted continues to be very active in
fundraising opportunities for the Jr. A’s, the Old Boys Association and the Minor Athletics. Has received
volunteer awards from the City of St. Catharines and recognized by the OLA for over 20 years of service.
Doug Luey
Doug Luey - of Whitby is elected in the Builder Category. Doug has been involved in numerous facets of our
national game. He is the Box Sector Chair on the CLA Board of Directors, was Vice President of Senior to
Major on the OLA Board of Directors for 6 years. Doug also was GM & President of the Green Gaels Jr. B club
from 01-06 and spent a total of 20 years between Whitby and Oshawa Minor Lacrosse as Coach, President
and Vice President. To-date Doug has been building our sport in every aspect for 36 years and counting. He
played minor lacrosse in Port Dalhousie during the 70’s graduating to Junior A with St. Catharines and then
Oshawa. While coaching Minor in Oshawa he led a group of boys to an OLA Bantam Championship in 1981.
After 14 years at the Helm of Whitby Minor Lacrosse he served as President and GM of the Green Gales Jr. B.
team. Under his leadership the team won the Founders Cup in 2002 and 2004. He is still very involved with
the Green Gaels and the Junior B League. He also served as the Commissioner of the OLA Junior C League
from inception in 2008 and guided it through expansion to its current 18 team league.
Doug is respected as a pioneer and began the annual tradition of travelling to Prague, Czechoslovakia for the
Alex Hrebesky Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament. Doug coached his Green Gaels to the championship in
2007 and 2009. To date his charges have participated in 5 tournaments.
Doug is a Life time Member of Whitby Minor Lacrosse Association; he has been a recipient of the OLA
Presidents Award. He has been decorated with the CLA Recognition Award for service to the game in 2011
and received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Lacrosse in 2012.
Doug is currently a committee member for the CLA 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse for 2017.
Doug has never forgotten his Port Dalhousie roots and is still an active member of the St. Catharines Old Boys
Mike McMillan
Mike McMillan - of Burlington, is elected in the player category. Mike began his junior career in 1974 with
Mississauga Junior C team and progressed to the Junior B and Junior A teams during a golden era of lacrosse
in Mississauga. His final junior year he amassed 79 goals and 53 assists for a total of 132 points in 29
regular season games. Mike spent his first 2 seasons in the WLA Sr A league in Vancouver, then returned to Owen
Sound where he played Major & Senior B for the next 11 years of his career. Mike was a member of Pro
National Lacrosse League Champion Guelph Power in 1991 and the Brampton Excelsiors. In 1992 Mike was
an Assistant Coach with the Mann Cup winning Brampton Excelsiors. Mike was always at the top of the
league in scoring. He was dangerous any where on the floor. He had a knack for scoring in key game
situation. Mike won 3 consecutive most points in a season in 81-82-83 and 87 with Owen Sound and was
selected MVP in 1981. He won the Nations Cup in 1991 with the Guelph Power. To this date he remains and
active participant in Masters Lacrosse and is the Organizer of the Oakville Masters Team. Mike played with or
against notables such as Cam Devine, Ken Colley, Adam Oates, Jim Veltman, Duane Jacobs and Chuck

Rob Mason
Rob Mason – of Fergus is elected in the Player Category. Rob started playing for his home town of Fergus a
known “hotbed” of lacrosse. There with his childhood friends they captured 3 provincial crowns. He was also
the recipient of the OLA Centennial Award for achieving a 4.0 GAA, the best in the province. He then played
Junior for the Elora Mohawks where they captured the Founders Cup in his rookie year. Rob was added to the
Whitby Builders Junior A team as a 2nd year goalie where they were silver medalists in the 1977 Minto losing to
a talented Burnaby team 4 games to 2. Robb capped his junior career by being awarded the Weatherhead
Trophy as MVP for the Junior A Mohawks. His Senior Major career began in 1978 with the Fergus Thistles, a
team rich in tradition. He played for 14 seasons, 12 with the Thistles and 2 with the Owen Sound Northstars.
Robb competed in 400 games, 340 of them with the Thistles, a team record. He won 5 Presidents Cups in total
4 with Fergus (86, 87, 88 & 90) and one with Owen Sound in 1991. Rob also was part of the Team Ontario
team in 1984 that won the Continental Cup and four Claire Levec Trophies emblematic of Ontario Senior
Championships. He was an addition to the Peterborough Red Oaks team who won the Mann Cup, all 3
national title events occurred in 3 consecutive years. The 1991 Presidents Cup winning team was inducted
into the Owen Sound Sports Hall of Fame. Rob received numerous awards during his 14 year career including
the Harry Lumley Award and six Ross Nelson Awards as top goaltender in Ontario Senior Lacrosse. Rob was
a perennial league all-star through out his career. A highlight of his playing career was when he was named to
the first ever Canadian National Box Lacrosse National Team in 1985. This team was successful in winning
three different international titles, starting with the North American Challenge Cup where team Canada was
victorious in 7 of the 8 matches. Then they captured the Australian International Festival of Lacrosse where
Team Canada went undefeated, and finally he helped Canada to the first ever World Box Lacrosse Club
Championship with a 7-6 victory over Team USA at the Philadelphia Spectrum. This team is recognized as
pioneers in lacrosse and encourage
He has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the game provincially, federally and
internationl titles, starting with the North American Challenge Cup where team Canada was victorious in 7 
of the 8 matches. Then they captured the Australian International Festival of Lacrosse where Team Canada went
undefeated, and finally he helped Canada to the first ever World Box Lacrosse Club Championship with a 7-6
victory over Team USA at the Philadelphia Spectrum. This team is recognized as pioneers in lacrosse and
encouraged the possibilities of a professional lacrosse league.

Ray Mortimer
Ray Mortimer - *** (Deceased) of Mimico is elected in the Veteran’s Category. Ray began his playing his OLA
Senior A Career in 1937 in Orillia, played in Owen Sound in 1942, and the Army in 1943. He spent the
majority of his goaltending career as a member of the Mimico Mountaineers starting in 1938 to 1952. Ray was
also a member of the 1938 Canadian Minto Cup Championship Mimico Mountaineers team.
In total he played 14 season of Senior lacrosse with 216 regular season games mainly backstopping a strong
Mimico team. Lewis Vipond has stated that Ray Mortimer was the best goalie he faced during his playing
career. Ray has been credited by a number of players of that era as one of the 3 greatest goalies along with
Bill Whittaker and Moon Wooten. He played with or against such notables as Ken Dixon, Gord Gair, Bill
Isaacs, Archie Dixon, Pung Morton, and Jim McMahon.
                                   2015 ONTARIO LACROSSE HALL OF FAME
Gary Carr
Gary Carr - of St. Catharines is elected in the Veteran Category. Gary played both in the Senior OLA League
and the Pro League as a defender during the 1950‘s to 1969.  His defensive contributions were well documented
during his era. He always play solid, outstanding defense and offensive players knew him as one of the hardest
checkers of his time.
He played for the Welland Switson Sr A. in 58/59, The St. Catharines Athletics Sr. A.  From 1960 to 1965 and
the Toronto Maple Leafs Pro in 1968 and with the St. Catharines Golden Hawks ELA in 1969. Gary bypassed Jr. A, 
and went directly from Juvenile to Senior A lacrosse.  He was of member 2 Juvenile Championships with St. Catharines. 
He has been active in coaching for the St. Catharines Minor Association.  He played with or against such notables as
Ted Howe, Nip O’Hearn, Bob Hanna, Pat Baker, Jim McMahon, and John Dewar.
Bob "Beav" Clevely
Bob “Beav” Clevely - of Orangeville is elected in the Builder Category.  Bob is the epitome of the meaning of Builder.
He is known to possess the innate ability to direct multiple teams at various levels to compete. His love affair with
the game began as a minor player and Junior A Player with the Brampton Excelsiors ,and then with the Orangeville Northmen.,
where he won numerous team championships and accolades and was known as a great positional Goalie.
Once retired from his playing days with the Northmen, he brought his passion and keen sense of building for the future to
the Lacrosse crazy town of Orangeville.
He served on the Senior Northmen Executive from 1981-1987 and then was a key cog in resurrecting the dormant Jr. B program
in 1989.  He put together a team of players who had been not been playing for a few years and successfully won a Founders Cup,
their first year in operation following up with a second Jr. B National Championship. “Beav” then moved the team to the Junior A
ranks, where he has served in the capacity of their President and/or GM since 1991- 96 then from 2007 to present.
Bob also served as the Toronto Rock Assistant GM from 2004 – 2006 and also as a member of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame Board
of Directors from 1994 – 2002.
He has been involved as a Builder for over 25 years, and has been successful at the highest competitive levels over a prolonged
period of time. Beav is also a member of the Orangeville Sports Hall of Fame.
He always teaches his protégés love and respect for Lacrosse and always mentors them to get involved as a volunteer.  He ensures
that they understand the meaning of giving back to future generations to keep the game vibrant and moving forward.
He has been at the helm of numerous team awards and Championships notably Orangeville Jr. B Northmen 1989 & 1990 –Canadian Champions,
Orangeville Jr. A Northmen- Minto Cup Champions in 93, 95, 96, 08, 09 and the Toronto Rock- NLL Champions in 2005.
While he played with or against such notables as Terry Sanderson, Stan Cockerton, George Chandler, J.J. Johnson & Bob Burke, his
Builder’s legacy will be forever enshrined.
He was quoted as saying that all the fun comes in the Building for the Championship teams, filling in the pieces to get that "team”
to compete for Championships.
Dwayne "Dewey" Jacobs
Dwayne “Dewey” Jacobs - of Oshweken is elected in the Player Category.  “Dewey “as he is known by family, friends and lacrosse has 
been involved with lacrosse since the age of 6.  He is known to face all challenges with enthusiasm, in achieving his goals be it
as a team player, Coach, or General Manager. He stills shares his impeccable talents to many players, such as the art of netting a
stick, stick handling, agility, flexibility and most of all integrity.
Dewey has maintained the Spiritual Essence of Lacrosse as a “gift”, honouring those who played before him and those that follow him.
He always encourages players to play with passion and give “heart” to the game.
Dwayne’s playing bio is filled with accomplishments on both coasts. He captured the outstanding Rookie trophy in the OLA Senior Series
in 1988, In 89 he was 10th in scoring in OLA Major /Senior Series.  He was an assistant Captain of the Six Nations Chiefs and a member
of the 1994, 1995 and 1996 Mann Cup Championship team the Six Nations Chiefs.
“Dewey” was also a member of the Canadian President Cup winning Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks team in 2003.
He spent 1991 and 1992 playing for the North Shore Indians West Coast Senior B league where he was twice a first team all-star and
MVP in the West Coast Senior B League.
Dewey played a significant role in the “Three-Peat” Six Nations Chiefs Mann Cup Run in the mid nineties.  Throughout the regular season,
playoffs and championship series his goals, playmaking and “special “teams assignments were nothing short of consistent and inspiring. 
His former teammates state that Dewey had tremendous talent, skill and work ethic.  His lacrosse IQ was second to none on a team filled
with talent.  He was a leader on the floor; he led by example with grit and determination.  He was one of the best offensive players in
the game during the 1990’s.
Although very soft spoken in the locker-room, when he spoke everyone listened.  He had the respect of his peers, teammates, and his opposition.
Off the floor, Dewey always reflects the values that Lacrosse has taught so many: work ethic, heart, determination, integrity and humility.
Dwayne was also a member of the Rochester Knighthawks of the NLL from 1995 to 2002, where they reached the Champions Cup 3 times and were rewarded
with a championship in convincing fashion again the Buffalo Bandits in 1997.
Played with or against such notables as Darris & Rich Kilgour, Paul and Gary Gait, Randy Mearns, Marty O’Neill, Troy Cordingley, 
John Tavares and Bill Gerrie.
Clinton "Jan" Magee
Clinton “Jan” Magee – of Peterborough, is elected in the Player category.  Jan as he is better known as a 3 sport athlete and was
recently inducted into his hometown Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame and has been involved in all levels of lacrosse from local, to internationally.
While many athletes are usually specialists, in a position Jan was a complete player.  He was very strong defensively and yet usually ranked
in the top third of his team in scoring.
He quarterbacked the power play from the point and played on the short man team when “ragging” the ball. He was always one of the best on retrieving
loose balls, a skill that requires, speed, strength, and courage. Jan was the prototype player that a coach could build a team around.
Jan is reputed to have the hardest shot in Canada among lacrosse players among junior and senior of that era albeit an unfortunately teenage accident
resulting from horseplay left him with a damaged wrist that required four bouts of surgery and required him to wear a brace for the remainder
of his playing career. The shot may not have been quite as hard as it once was, but he still enjoyed a very successful career.
Championships seemed to gravitate to Jan.  He won two Minto Cups in Peterborough, a professional Championship in Rochester, a Mann cup with New West
and a Mann Cup with Peterborough, along with a Canadian Field Lacrosse Championship in Peterborough.  In his entire career he was always a major
contributor. His health forced him to sit out on two additional Mann Cups in Peterborough due to knee injuries/surgeries.  He retired in 1986
and continued to coach for the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse system.
Jan competed with stealth while he played and it has been the root cause of his current health issues.  Additionally to his wrist problems, he has
endured a total of six knee operations, and two extremely serious surgeries on the vertebrae in his neck.  His Physician has concluded that while 
a third spinal operation would relieve pain and increase mobility it is too dangerous to move forward.
Bob Allen stated that Sports are very exciting and enjoyable at the time, but many athletes pay the price later in life…Some more than others.
Jan played with or against such notables as J J Johnston, Len Powers, Morley Kells, Paul Evans and Bob Allen.
Dan "Teeter" Teat 
Dan “Teeter” Teat – of Brampton is elected in the Player Category.  Dan has been an accomplished player and coach at every level he has participated in.
Teeter as he is affectionately known, is highly regarded in lacrosse circles, both provincially, and nationally. The last name Teat is synonymous with
the Excelsiors Lacrosse Club.
He played all his minor, junior and major lacrosse as Excelsior spanning 34 years. He has consistently played at the highest level of the sport. Dan
is known as great playmaker and a prolific scorer.
His accolades are many winning Jr. A Rookie of the Year in 1988, and then Major Rookie of the year in 1993.  He was a top ten in scoring for half of 
his Major Career. 
He has served as the Excelsiors Team Captain and was a huge contributor in capturing the Mann Cup Championship in 93, 98, 02, 08 and 09 as a player and
then in 2011 as a Coach.  In total Dan participated in nine Mann Cups and won in six of them.
Dan also played in the NLL from 1997 to 2010 as and was a member of the 1997 Rochester Knighthawks NLL Championship team.  Teeter also represented 
Scotland in the 2006 World Box Championship as a forward.
Dan’s Statistical History is quite impressive. He played 676 games, scored 1037 goals, and assisted 1183 for total point of 2,220. In Mann Cup
appearances he played 35 games, scored 28 goals 24 assists for 52 Mann Cup points.
Dan continues to give back by coaching minor teams, Major and now the Junior “A” Excelsiors.
Dan was awarded the Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club Life Member Award in 2011 and was an Inductee in the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.
Teeter played with or against such notables as John Tavares, Josh Sanderson, Anthony Cosmo, John Grant, Dan Dawson and Colin Doyle.
Barry Trood
Barry Trood – of Caledon/Shelburne is elected in the Builders Category.  Barry began his journey in lacrosse as a player in Chingacousy Minor and then 
Brampton Minor from the Age 8 to 17.  He played Junior and Major with the Brampton Excelsiors and then for the Owen Sound North Stars in 1992.
Barry naturally gravitated to coaching and to executive roles.  He was an executive member in the Clarkson Lacrosse/Mississauga Association and then
went on to be a founder and convener of the Mississauga Soft Lacrosse League in 1983 where 9 new teams were entered.
His development journey then took him to Bolton where he founded the Caledon Bandits Minor Lacrosse Association in 1984 where Barry served
as president until 1988 and coach to numerous teams.  In 1987 he started the Caledon Bandits Junior B where he served as president, and then
GM/coach in 1988.  The Franchise folded after the 1988 playing season, and Barry went back to work on the growth of the Caledon Minor association
in 1989 to 1993.
Barry then resurrected the Caledon Jar B Bandits in 1992, which are now the Halton Hills Bulldogs.  During this transitional phase “Troodie”
served as the GM/President and Coach of the Caledon-Georgetown Jr. B until 1999.
Barry then set his sights on starting both a minor lacrosse program in Shelburne in 1999, and a future path for Minor graduates named
the Shelburne Junior C Veterans Lacrosse Club.  The Jr. C. Vets continue to provide Junior Lacrosse in the Dufferin Community.
Barry has continued to champion both the Minor Vets and the Junior C Vets in the capacity of President and GM. 
Troodie was instrumental in building the structure of the Ontario Junior C League and continues to serve as its Chairman in 2015.
Barry is a recipient of the OLA Merv Mackenzie award as the person having done the most to promote lacrosse in the province in 1985 and
won the prestigious Thomas Teather Memorial Award “the Mr. Lacrosse Award” in 2009 for promotion of the game.

                     Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame - Chartered Members
Bill Wilson             Charter
Dr. W. G. Beers         Charter
Dr. W. A. Dafoe         Charter
E. J. "Gene" Dopp       Charter
M.E.F. "Mike" Kelly     Charter
Joe Lally               Charter
Jack McDonald           Charter
Jim Murphy              Charter
Fred Waghorne Sr.       Charter   
Bun Clark               Chapter
Lionel Conacher         Charter
William J. Fitzgerald   Charter
Norman Harshaw          Charter
Henry Hoobin            Charter
George Kalls            Charter
Edward Longfellow       Charter
William McArthur        Charter
Charles Querrie         Charter
Edward "Ted" Reeve      Charter
George Sproule          Charter
Bill Anthony            Charter
Bill Isaacs             Charter
Carl "Gus" Madsen       Charter
Eric "Rusty" White      Charter
Lloyd "Moon" Wooton     Charter
Merv McKenzie           1966
Norm Gair               1966
Ed McDermott            1966
Charles "Chuck" Rowan   1966
"Paddy" Brennan         1966
"Sport" Murton          1966
Gord Thom               1966
Ed Downey               1966
Doug Favell             1966
Archie Dixon            1966
Wandy McMahon           1966
Fred Jacob              1967
Russel T.Kelly          1967
Leonard Smith           1967
Bill Coulter            1967
Bert Large              1967
Pete Barnett            1967
Stewart Beatty          1967
Edward Powers Sr.       1967
Joe Cheevers            1967
Charles Davidson        1967
Bill Whittaker          1967
Brother Damien          1968
Ivan "Turk" Davis       1968
Frank "Piper" Bain      1968
Kelly Degray            1968
Roy Morton              1969
Jim Bishop              1969
Edward Blair            1969
Gerald Kendall          1969
Ross Powless            1969
Gordon Gair             1970
J.C. "Jim" McLeod       1970
Max Peart               1970
Grenville "Dutch" Davis 1970
W.K. "Bill" Fitzgerald  1971
Blain "Red" McDonald    1971
Rex Stimers             1971
Blyth Brown             1971
Fred K. Conradi         1971
Edward Sullivan         1971
Wilfred McDonald        1971
George Thompson         1971
Harry Wipper            1972
Colin Chisholm          1972
Edwin Landon            1972
Ike Hildebrand          1972
Bill Mulliss            1972
Jack Gatecliff          1972
Douglas Miller          1973
Jerry Fitzgerald        1973
WM. Buck Ewing          1973
Don "Scotty" McPhail    1973
Bill Hope               1974
Roy Gore                1974
Jack Worthy             1974
Bob Allen               1974
Don Ashbee              1974
E. Hubert Armstrong     1975
Fred Waghorne Jr.       1975
Charles Connell         1975
Charlie Campbell        1975
Walter Joe Murphy       1975
Carl Madgett            1976
Bob Oliver              1976
Fred "Chissel" Starling 1976
Alex "Buck" Johnson     1976
Ken Dixon               1976
Tommy Scott             1976
Gord Hammond            1977
Jack Lubbock            1977
Gordon Ella             1977
Norman Holzberg         1977
Arnold "Onions" Smith   1977
Thomas "Tank" Teather   1977
Morley Kells            1978
Bill Davis              1978
Harold Gibson           1978
Walter Smart            1978
Pete Anthony            1978
George Urquhart         1979
Dr. W. Bert Bartlett    1979
Bill Evans              1979
Alexander "Al" Coutie   1979
Jack Gair               1979
James "Jim" Mullis      1980
Bert Naylor             1980
George Masters          1980
Pat Baker               1981
James Lomore            1981
Alexander McPherson     1981
Fred H. Hatton          1982
Daniel "Dan" Millar     1982
John "Curly" Mason      1982
Doug "Smitty" Smith     1983
Robert "Bob" Sinclair   1983
Doug Gillespie          1983
Clyde Gordon            1984
Douglas Budden          1984
Charles Barron          1984
Glen Bullen             1984
Robert Dobbie           1984
John Davis              1985
Cy Lemon                1985
Jim McNulty             1985
Cy Coombes              1985
Hank Goudie             1985
Jim Kavanagh            1986
Bill Demars             1986
Bob Thorpe              1986
Nick Ferri              1987
Enrico Caruso           1987
Harry Kazarian          1987
Ted Howe                1988
Jack Dorney             1988
Bill "Ham" Nelson       1988
Everett Coates          1989
Doug Cove               1989
Larry Ferguson          1989
James Higgs             1990
Gaylord Powless         1990
Jim Nash                1990
Ben Floyd               1991
Ken "Red" Crawford      1991
Tony D'Amico            1991
Rose Engemann           1992
Joe Engemann            1992
Terry Davis             1992
Ron McNeil              1992
Mac Mason               1993
Larry Smeltzer          1993
Paul Suggate            1993
Annie McDonald          1994
Grant Heffernan         1994
Lou Nickle              1994
Don Barrie              1995
Bill Coghill            1995
Dave "Porkey" Russell   1995
Harry Benham            1996
Glen Lotton             1996
Brian Thompson          1996

Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Eastern Inductees                               
Bob Hanna                1997
Derry Davis              1997
Bob "Buff" McCready      1997
William Arthurs          1997
Judy "Punch" Garlow      1997
George "Duke" Savage     1997
William "Stu" Scott      1997
Harry "Tonto" Smith      1997
Jim Brady                1998
Donald "Nip" O'Hearn     1998
Russ Slater              1998
William "Duke" Harrison  1998
Jim "J.J" Johnson        1999
Roger "Buck" Smith       1999
Bill "Whitey" Frick      1999
Ted "Ginger" Hall        1999
Robert "Bobby" Jamieson  2000
Brian "Butch" Keegan     2000
Dean McClean             2000
Walter "Scotty" Martin   2000
Green Gaels              2000
Peewee Bradshaw          2001
Mike French              2001
Jim McMahon Sr.          2001
Bob Burke                2001
Oliver "Cap" Bomberry    2001
Frank Madsen             2001
1978 Canadian World 
Field Lacrosse Champions 2001
Wayne Thompson           2002
Bruce Wanless            2002
Tom Succamore            2002
Pat Smith                2002
1951-1956 Peterborough
          Team           2002
Stan Cockerton           2003
Ken Croft                2003
Bob Wasson               2003
Jim Wasson               2003
William Hutton           2003
Tim Barrie               2004
Travis Cook              2004
George "Scoop" Hayes     2004
Herbert Martin           2004
Bill Wallace             2004
Ted Higgins              2005
James Meredith           2005
Elmer Tran               2005
Clinton "Mick" Magee     2005
1938 St.Catharines 
     Athletics           2005
Wayne Colley             2006
George Kapasky           2006
George MacKenzie         2006
Peter Vipond             2006
1985-1991 Brooklin 
          Redmen         2006
Lee Vitarelli            2007
Paul Evans               2007
Ernie Mitchell           2007
Elmer Lee                2007
Kerri Hardill            2007
2006 World Champion
Canadian Field Lacrosse 
Team                     2007
Robert Vesey             2008
John Grant Sr.           2008
Gary Moore               2008
Alan Frick               2008
Gail Cummings Danson     2008
1994-96 Six Nations 
            Chiefs       2008
Jack Wilson              2009
Ken Ruttan               2009
Darris Kilgour           2009
John T. Hewitt D.F.C.    2009
Johnny Mouridian         2009
Chris Sanderson          2009
1977-79 Burnaby 
        Cablevision      2009
Terry Lloyd              2010
Barry Maruk              2010
John Fusco               2010
John "Gus" McCauley      2010
Ted Sawicki              2010
1972-75 Peterborough
        P.C.O.'s         2010
John Herd                2011
Bram Wilfong             2011
Steve Mastine            2011
Bill Castator            2011
David Huntley            2011
Mike Gray                2012
Derek "Jammer" Keenan    2012
Tom "Slick" Wreggitt     2012
Murray Lehman            2012
Tom Marechek             2012
Craig Stevenson          2012
Ron Jay                  2012
Bob Curtis               2012
1928 Canadian Olympic 
gold medal team          2012
1956-59 Brampton ABC's
junior Excelsiors        2012
Ron Winterbottom Sr.     2013
Bill Gerrie              2013
Randy Mearns             2013
Bill Armour              2013
John "Joey" Todd         2013 
Andy Ogilvie             2014
Gil Nieuwendyk           2014
David General            2014
Ron Roy                  2014
Lindsay Sanderson        2015
Terry Sanderson          2015
Jim "Scoop" Veltman      2015
Tom Patrick              2015
Larry Lloyd              2015
1981-83 Peterborough James Gang
junior A team