Me wearing old Green Gaels sweater that Neil Armstrong gave me. After further research I discovered the number 1 was worn by Tommy Green of the 1953 Oakville Green Gaels. Jim Bishop and the team moved to Newmarket for 1954 and 1955 and in 1956 they were the Mimico Green Gaels. When I asked Bob Hanna if Tommy Green was still alive he told me nobody had seen or heard of him since the late 50’s. Apparantly Tommy liked to gamble a lot and Bob figured he was at the bottom of some lake somewhere wearing cement overshoes

Larry Ferguson and I. Larry is in the Canadian Lacrosse of Fame and one of my heros. He is best remembered from his days with Peterborough Lakers in the 1960’s and 1970’s when him , Johnny Davis and Cy Coombes were among the top scorers to ever play the game of lacrosse.

photo by Tim Prothero

Luther Vipond


1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 1 of 9

  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 2 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 3 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 4 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 5 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 6 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 7 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 8 of 9
  • 1989 clippings from 1989 O.L.A. season 9 of 9

    Judy ‘Punch’ Garlow oldest surviving lacrosse player born Sept 8, 1908 in Canadian and Ontario lacrosse Hall of Fames
    photo by ‘Unknown’
    Lineup page from 1932 Maple Leaf Garden program. Notice several of the Buffalo players in the lineup including 1 Judy ‘Punch’ Garlow, 3 Cecil VanEvery, 4 Scotty Martin, 8 Harry ‘Tonto’ Smith, 9 Beef Smith. 10 Sid Smith,11 Wade Isaacs
    photo by ‘Unknown’
    1932 Atlantic City Americans.
    photo by ‘Unknown’
    1968 Brantford Warriors
    photo by ‘Unknown’
    1972 Six Nations Braves
    photo by ‘Unknown’
    Wamp with his battle scars (from quadruple bypass not playing lacrosse)
    and Mann Cup, summer of 2000.
    photo by ???
    Wamp and Donna Taylor (Matt Taylor’s Mom) with Founders Cup
    after Clarington Green Gaels and Matt won the Canadian Championship in 2000.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    Surrounded by lacrosse superstars Jack Bionda with arm
    around my shoulder and the great Ross Powless to my far left.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    Standing beside my boyhood hero Johnny Davis top all-time point getter.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    Peterborough team captain, Tom Wreggitt, and Brooklin team captain
    Johhny Fusco, surrounded by the next generation of players.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart
    Wayne Colley and the Wamper. Wayne was probably the greatest
    goaltender to ever wear the Brooklin Redmen goaltending gear,
    and in 2000 coached the Clarington Green Gaels to the Canadian
    Founders Cup title.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    Elmer Tran, current co-coach of 2000 Mann Cup Winning Brooklin Redmen
    and the Wamper. Elmer is the greatest player that I’ve ever seen not to
    be in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    ‘Sully’ Vipond, gentleman on the right, and Luis Vipond
    two of the patriarts of the famous Brooklin Vipond lacrosse family.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart

    First time the Gait brothers ever played against each other
    Gary in Brooklin uniform, and Paul in Six Nations uniform,
    summer of 1994 at Whitby Iroquios Park Arena.
    photo by Peter Bird

    It took 10 years but Brooklin Redmen won the Mann Cup. 16 year vet Eric
    Perroni stands to my right. Wamper and the Mann Cup with the team
    captain and 17 year vet Johnny Fusco standing to my left.
    photo by Bernie Bernhart