1989 OLA Clippings 1

1989 was my favourite season of following lacrosse.

It was the first season that I took over as O.L.A. statistician so I had the fax machine and received all game summaries, I had gotten a computer, wrote a little DBASE III package to update the stats so would sit up till 2 am updating the stats and getting them out to the newspapers, plus my friend Bruce Huff was sports reporter for the Toronto Sun and all the stats apearred in the paper almost every day.

I had a newspaper subscription to Brampton, Peterborough and Oshawa papers so I made up 7 scrapbooks of that season. I was a Brooklin Redmen fanatic and it was the Gary Gait’s rookie season just out of Junior A. This was the season the Redmen had upped their record to 84 straight wins in the OLA and I got myself so involved. The final series between Peterborough Quakers and Brooklin Redmen in Major was the most thrilling lacrosse series I had ever seen even up to today.

Anyway, as usual I have to overdo everything I do so here for all you lacrosse fans, I’ve spent the last 4 days putting together scans of the entire 7 scrapbooks. A lot of it may be messy but I hope some enjoyment is derived from old players and fans. It is far better that these scrapbooks appear on the BIBLE than hoarded away in one of my old chests where nobody can view them.

Enjoy. Wamper.